Country Profile

  • Peace Corps Country: 1992 – Present
  • Write On! Competition participant 2006 – Present
  • 4 International Winners since 2010
  • Creative Writing Tip: Always take at least 10 minutes to plan your essay.
  • Fun Fact: The Ararat Valley of Armenia is believed to be inhabited since the Stone Age, making it one of the oldest settled regions in the world.
  • Contact the national coordinators at:

2018 National Winners

On your way to school you meet a dragon. The dragon is lost and you decide to
spend your day with him. Describe your day with the dragon.

You’re on a hike in the forest when the trees start talking to you! What do they
say and what do you do?

Describe a future where robots have taken over the world.

You find yourself locked inside an old abandoned building. How did you get
there? How do you get out?

You are exploring in the woods with a friend when you get lost. You meet a
person who offers to lead you out and you accept. However, before long you get
the feeling you are being led somewhere nobody would want to go.

Scientists discover that the Earth and other planets are actually giant animals
moving through space and time, and that humans are basically insects living on top
of them. How does society change? What would you do?

You are a kid’s imaginary friend, but you find yourself slowly fading away as they
grow older.

Write about a normal day in the year 4000.

You discover that you and your life are actually someone else’s dream. Whose
dream is it? What will you do with this knowledge?

Imagine living in a place where there were no rules. How would people act,
what jobs would people have, and would people live in peace and harmony?

If you were the leader of your country (President, Prime Minister, Queen, etc.),
what are three laws you would create for your people? Why did you choose these
three?If you were the leader of your country (President, Prime Minister, Queen, etc.),
what are three laws you would create for your people? Why did you choose these

Write about your worst hello and your favorite goodbye.


2017 National Winners

“What would life be like if you were the size of an ant?”

“You’re leaving on a spaceship and you can only bring two items. Which two do you bring and why?

“You turn on the TV to watch the news. A bank has been robbed. The police are searching for whoever did this. You sit down on the couch with your breakfast when suddenly there is a loud pounding on your door. You see police officers and police cars with their lights flashing: “Open up!” They shout.”

“All humans are born with an animal companion they can talk to. What animal is your companion and why? Tell of an adventure you have together.”

“You are watching TV one day and see that your face is on the news. The news anchor is saying your name, and that you are wanted by the police! You’re getting very confused when, suddenly, an identical version of you appears in your doorway!”

“You walk to the store to buy food for your family. When you get to the store there is no food on the shelves. You ask the shop keeper where the food is but she doesn’t know. The food just disappeared. What happens next?”

“Change the ending to one fairy tale.”

“Describe a world where everyone has to tell the truth and no one is able to lie.”

“You and your three closest friends decide to go camping. You arrive and set up camp nearly three miles away from where you left your car. Late that evening, as you sit around the campfire roasting marshmallows, one of your friends reveals a deep dark secret that turns what was to be a fun weekend into one of the scariest weekends of your life.”

“Every morning, a bird lands on your window and pecks at the glass. It is your alarm clock. One morning, it doesn’t appear. Instead, there is a note. What does it say?”

“Humanity has finally made it to Mars, but within a month of settling there, the remains of thousands of human skeletons were found. How did they get there, and what happened to them?”

“You’re late for work because you overslept, but your boss hates over-sleepers. He does love entertaining stories, so create the most outlandish excuse as to why you were late.”

2016 National Winners

    • 6th Form| Vanadzor
      “Describe the everyday thoughts of a dog in your country.”
    • 7th Form| Vanadzor
      “Would you rather explore space or the oceans? Why?
    • 8th Form| Vanadzor
      “One day you wake up to find yourself to be the opposite gender. What is it like? How is life different?”
    • 9th Form| Nor Hachn
      “The Evil Emperor must be stopped. You, the hero of the story, have the powers to summon any mystical creature to help you fight him. Which mystical creature do you choose, and how do you two stop the Evil Emperor?”
    • 10th Form| Nor Hachn
      “You have invented something that will change the world. What is it? How does it work?”
    • 11th Form| Nor Hachn
      “You can become a character in any television show, but you can never come back to the real world. Would you do it? What show would you enter? Why?”
    • 12th Form| Sarchapet
      “For one year, you can do anything you want. Money is not a problem and you will not get in trouble for anything you do. But at the end of the year, you forget everything that happened. What do you do?”
    • 1st Year University| Ijevan
    • “There are two boxes in a room. Inside one box is the best thing in life, inside the other box, the worst. What is in each of the two boxes? Describe them.”
    • 2nd Year University | Ijevan | International Winner
      “A group of tall aliens appears in the United Nations building claiming they have the technology to solve world hunger and end war. They say they come in peace. Do you trust them? What happens next?”
    • 3rd Year University | Gavar
      “Respond to the quote: “Comparison is the death of joy”’
    • 4th Year University | Gavar
      “A new invention enables people to remember their dreams with absolute clarity. It turns out people were forgetting them for a very good reason. What is the reason?”
    • Professional | Yeghegnadzor
      “Instead of the oceans covering the earth, forests are in their place, making it possible to walk from continent to continent. Like oceans, they get deeper, darker, and more dangerous the further you go. You travel through one of these “oceans.” What do you see?”

2015 National Winners

          • 6th Form | Vanadzor 
            “You have a hat with strange powers. What happens when you put it on?”
          • 7th Form | Vanadzor 
            “Everything you draw comes to life. What do you draw?”
          • 8th Form | Vanadzor
            “If you could be famous for one thing, what would you be famous for? Why do you want to be famous for that?”
          • 9th Form
            “You have a time machine that will only work once. What’ll you do with it?”
          • 10th Form
            “You wake up to find a key under your pillow.  What does it unlock?”
          • 11th Form
            “You snap your fines once and your best friend appears beside you. You snap your fingers again and you are both transported to your favorite place. What happens when you snap your fingers again?”
          • 12th Form
            “If you were given the opportunity to travel the rest of your life, but under the condition that you cannot return to your home, would you take it? Why?”
          • 1st Year University 
            “You enter a world where all the lies you’ve ever told are true.  Describe that world and how it makes you feel.”
          • 2nd Year University
            “You are alone on a hike in the woods.  You come across a 374 year old woman.  What do you learn from her?”

2013 National Winners

          • 6th Form | Kotayk
            “If clouds were edible, what would they taste like?”
          • 7th Form | Shirak | International Winner 
            “Imagine the food in your refrigerator could talk. When the door is closed, what do you think they talk about? What do they say to each other?”
          • 8th Form | Shirak 
            “What would happen if children ruled the world?”
          • 9th Form | Shirak
            “What should be free for everyone in the world?”
          • 10th Form | Shirak 
            “You just found a way to travel through time. You only have one round trip. Where & when do you go?”
          • 11th Form | Kotayk
            “What does a blind person see?”
          • 12th Form | Syunik 
            “What would you do if you knew you were going to lose your memory at the end of every day?”
          • 1st Year University | Shirak 
            “What is the worst thing parents can do to their children?”
          • 3rd Year University | Shirak 
            “Respond to this quote: “Youth is wasted on the young.””
          • 4th Year University | Kotayk 
            “Describe a memorable event and how it made you feel, but without naming the feeling.”

2012 National Winners

          • 6th Form | Malishka
            “What is the happiest, non-living thing in your house?”
          • 7th Form | Kapan
            “Other than monkeys, what animals do you think are similar to humans?  Why?”
          • 8th Form | Ararat
            “Write a short, modern fairy tale.”
          • 9th Form | Kapan
            “You wake up, go to the bathroom, and look in the mirror.  A different face looks back at you.”
          • 10th Form | Gyumri
            “Write about a heart that won’t stop beating.”
          • 11th Form | Ararat
            “Write about your perfect place.”
          • 12th Form | Artashat
            “Is anything purely good or bad?”
          • 2nd Year University | Gyumri | International Winner
            “What is the difference between loving and being in love?”
          • 3rd Year University | Jermuk
            “Write a letter to your 10-year-old self.”
          • 4th Year University | Gyumri
            “What buttons would you like to add to the keyboards on a computer?”

2011 National Winners

          • 6th Form | Ararat School #2
            “What would you rather be: a bird or a fish? Why?”
          • 7th Form | Ararat School #2
            “What do you think your town/village will look like in 300 years?”
          • 8th Form | Kapan
            “If you could have any superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?”
          • 9th Form | Yerevan School #139
            “If you could fill the night sky with something other than stars and planets, what would it be and why?”
          • 10th Form | Azatavan Secondary School
            “If you could design a new flag for your country, what would it look like?”
          • 11th Form | Mrgavan Secondary School
            “What was God like as a child?”
          • 1st Year University | Charentsavan
            “What do you see when you look in the mirror?”
          • 2nd Year University | Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute
            “If newborn babies could talk, what would they say?”
          • 3rd Year University | Stepanavan
            “Imagine you are God.  What would your religion be like?”
          • 4th Year University | Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute
            “Write a letter to your great, great, great grandchildren.”

2010 National Winners

      • 10th Form | Gegharkunik | International Winner
        “If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?”
      • 4th Year University | Vayots Dzor | International Winner
        “What would you do at night if you no longer had to sleep?

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