Country Profile

  • Peace Corps Country: 2001 – Present
  • The Write On! Competition was started by Peace Corps Georgia volunteers in 2003
  • 17 International Winners since 2010
  • Creative Writing Tip: Write every day!
  • Fun Fact: Perhaps the most famous Georgian is Josif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, or Joseph Stalin.
  • Contact the 2017 National Organizers at

2019 National Winners 

  • 6th Grade| Gori 
    • You find a key, a compass, and a map.




2018 National Winners

  • 6th Grade | Batumi
    • On your way to school you meet a dragon. The dragon is lost and you decide to spend your day with him. Describe your day with the dragon.
  • 7th Grade | Batumi
    • You and your family have been chosen to host Earth’s first visitor from outer space: an alien. They are your age and will go to school with you. Write about your day.
  • 8th Grade | Chiatura
    • Describe a future where robots have taken over the world.
  • 9th Grade | Poti
    • You find yourself locked inside an old abandoned building. How did you get there? How do you get out?
  • 10th Grade | Sachkhere
    • Every morning you receive a newspaper that shows the news for the day. You do not know where this paper comes from, but it tells you all of the good and bad things that will happen for the next 24 hours. What do you do with this information?
  • 11th Grade | Chiatura
    • Invent a new season and how it affects the world.
  • 12th Grade | Gori
    • You are a kid’s imaginary friend, but you find yourself slowly fading away as they grow older.
  • University 1 | Batumi
    • Write about a normal day in the year 4000.
  • University 2 | Kutaisi
    • What else should students learn in school that isn’t taught? Why is it important that this is taught?
  • University 3 | Gori
    • Imagine living in a place where there were no rules. How would people act, what jobs would people have, and would people live in peace and harmony?
  • University 4 | Kutaisi
    • Write a story from the villain’s perspective.
  • Professional | Bediani
    • Imagine you are someone’s shadow for one day. Whose shadow would you be and why? What would you do?

2017 National Winners

2016 National Winners

    • 6th Form| Sagarejo | International Winner
      “Describe the everyday thoughts of a dog in your country.”
    • 7th Form | Sagarejo
      “Would you rather explore space or the oceans? Why?
    • 8th Form| Batumi
      “You can go back to any time in history. What time would you go to? What would you do there?”
    • 9th Form| Sachkhere
      “What’s behind the door? Why is it closed?”
    • 10th Form| Chiatura
      “You get onto a spaceship- where is it going? Why?
    • 11th Form | Baghdati | International Winner
      “You can become a character in any television show, but you can never come back to the real world. Would you do it? What show would you enter? Why?”
    • 12th Form| Batumi
      “For one year, you can do anything you want. Money is not a problem and you will not get in trouble for anything you do. But at the end of the year, you forget everything that happened. What do you do?”
    • 1st Year University| Gori
      “There are two boxes in a room. Inside one box is the best thing in life, inside the other box, the worst. What is in each of the two boxes? Describe them.”
    • 2nd Year University | Kutaisi | International Winner
      “You find a book in the library that has no writing in it. But when you speak, writing appears on the pages to reply to you. What do you talk about?”
    • 3rd Year University | Batumi
      “You are a professional salesperson advertising a highly improbable product. What is the product and how do you convince people to buy it? Write the advertisement?”
    • 4th Year University | Batumi
      “One day you were driving your car when you avoided hitting a squirrel on the road. Unknown to you, the squirrel pledged to save your life. Now, in your time of need, the squirrel arrives. What happens?”
    • Professional | Tsalka
      “As you die, you travel down the bright tunnel and then everything turns black. That’s when you hear it: “Greetings, Prisoner 11384. You have served your sentence. You are free to go.” What happens next?”

2015 National Winners

    • 6th Form | Gori | International Winner
      “You can live under the sea, in the jungle or on a cloud for the rest of your life. Which place do you choose to live and what’s your life like?”
    • 7th Form | Batumi | International Winner
      “Everything you draw comes to life.  What do you draw?”
    • 8th Form | Batumi
      “If you could be famous for one thing, what would you be famous for? Why do you want to be famous for that?”
    • 9th Form | Khashuri
      “A beautifully wrapped package is at your door with the message, “Guard this with your life.” What’s in it and how do you protect it?”
    • 10th Form | Kistauri
      “You invent a new kind of medicine. What does it cure? What are the side effects?”
    • 11th Form | Batumi
      “What would the world be like if the sun was always shining and there was no night?”
    • 12th Form | Gavazi | International Winner
      “Describe what it feels like to be a falling raindrop in a thunderstorm.”
    • 1st Year University | Gori | International Winner
      “You enter a world where all the lies you’ve ever told are true. Describe that world and how it makes you feel.”
    • 2nd Year University | Batumi
      “You are alone on a hike in the woods. You come across a 374 year old woman. What do you learn from her?”
    • 3rd Year University | Batumi
      “You are the only librarian in a secret underground library used by the most important people in the world. Who are they? What do they read? How do you interact with them?”
    • 4th Year University | Batumi
      “You are a new character in your favorite book. How does your presence change the story?”
    • Professional | Tsalka
      “A scientist shows you his latest invention: a machine that lets you create your own dream world.  If you are hooked up to the machine, you will fall asleep and dream that you are in your ideal world, but you will never wake up.  The scientist gives you the chance to use his machine.  Do you use it? Why or why not?”

2014 National Winners

    • 6th Form | Adjara
      “If you could be any animal for a day, what would you be and what would you do?”
    • 7th Form | Kakheti
      “Pretend that you have been shrunk down to the size of an ant for one day. What do you do and what do you see?”
    • 8th Form | Kakheti
      “If you were elected president, what would you do on your first day in office?”
    • 9th Form | Kakheti
      “You’ve been in a coma for 30 years. You wake up in the year 2044. Describe what the world is like.”
    • 10th Form | Imereti | International Winner
      “Invent a new day of the year to celebrate.  What would it be, when would it be, and how would people celebrate it?”
    • 11th Form | Adjara
      “You are one of the first settlers on Mars. You have lived there for one year. Write about your first year.”
    • 12th Form | Imereti | International Winner
      “If you were a superhero, what would be your weakness?”
    • 1st Year University | Adjara
      “If music had a flavor, what would different types of music taste like?”
    • 2nd Year University | Adjara
      “What will be the most important invention in the next century? How will it change the world?”
    • 3rd Year University | Adjara
      “What would the world be like if everyone lived forever?”
    • 4th Year University | Adjara
      “How would you describe the feeling of love to an alien with no experience of it?”
    • Professional | Adjara
      “If you could make one law to be implemented around the world, what would it be and how would it change the world?”

2013 National Winners

    • 6th Form | Kakheti | International Winner 
      “If clouds were edible, what would they taste like?”
    • 7th Form | Adjara
      “Imagine the food in your refrigerator could talk. What do you think they talk about when the door or refrigerator is closed. What do they say to each other?”
    • 8th Form | Adjara
      “What would happen if children ruled the world?”
    • 9th Form | Kvemo Kartli
      “What should be free for everyone in the world?”
    • 10th Form | Adjara
      “If you had a remote control that controlled your parents, what buttons would it have?”
    • 11th Form | Kakheti
      “What does a blind person see?”
    • 12th Form | Kakheti
      “If death were a person, what would he/she be like?”
    • 1st Year University | Kakheti | International Winner
      “What is the worst thing parents can do to their children?”
    • 2nd Year University | Samtskhe Javakheti
      “If international money existed, what would it look life?”
    • 3rd Year University | Kakheti
      “If love were a meal, what would it consist of and why?”
    • 4th Year University | Adjara
      “Imagine a meteor is going to destroy Earth one year from today.  How will you spend your last year on this planet?”

2012 National Winners

      • 6th Form | Adjara
        “What is the happiest, non-living thing in your house?”
      • 7th Form | Adjara | International Winner
        “Other than monkeys, what animals do you think are similar to humans?”
      • 8th Form | Samtskhe-Javakheti
        “Write a short, modern fairy tale.”
      • 9th Form | Adjara
        “What would you give your country for its birthday?”
      • 10th Form | Kakheti
        “Write about a heart that won’t stop beating.”
      • 11th Form | Kakheti
        “Describe your perfect place.”
      • 12th Form | Imereti
        “Is anything purely good or bad?”
      • 1st Year University | Adjara
        “How do you want to die?”
      • 2nd Year University | Adjara
        “I wish I had told someone…”
      • 3rd Year University | Adjara | International Winner
        “Write a letter to your 10-year-old self.”
      • 4th Year University | Adjara
        “Imagine a meteor is going to destroy Earth one year from today.  How will you spend your last year on this planet?”

2011 National Winners

      • 8th Form | Kakheti | International Winner
        “Describe your favorite photograph, and why it is your favorite.”
      • 12th Form | International Winner
        “If hunger were  a painting, what would it look like?”

2010 National Winners

    • 6th Form | Kvemo Kartli | International Winner
      “If you could build your own house, what would it look like?”
    • 8th Form | Kakheti | International Winner
      “If you could live anywhere besides your own country, where would it be? Why?

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