What do you think your village/town will look like in 300 years?

Saten Manukyan, Ararat School #2

My town is Ararat, but i don’t like Ararat because its very dirty and the People are not so good. The shools are verry strong and the streets are not good build and the cars are not so safe.

Now i live in the year two thousand eleven. But i think300 years ago would my town be better, all the People would be rich and not poor, the children must have an inportant education, and the schools would have a good condition. Every Person must have a job what they like, and in the Supermarket were the food and the clothers not so expensive.

The public transport would be safer and have a good comfort. People wold be happier and like to talk together, all the animals would be free and not in the cages. In my town we haven’t a murderer; so Persons must not diying. Our President would make the right desishion.

I hope so my town would 300 yers ago will look better and i will change something with my hands, for example the nature. The nature is verry important for me to safe it because it a paradise, and for other Persons too.

In Ararat we must safe the beautiful signnts for the tourists and the thousand churcis. That would all happen in the future i think. 300 years later were everything alright. 300 years later every thing were develop, the town the People, the shools and the world too. I want that every Person in my town be healthy. I want that every Person and every child has a home and i want that everyone had a good live and not a worse live in my town Ararat. The sun must always shin of my town Ararat.