The Write On! Competition is an international creative writing competition that encourages creativity and imagination in students’ writing.

Write On! is organized by U.S. Peace Corps volunteers. In no way do the contents of this website reflect the views and opinions of Peace Corps or the United States government. They belong to the participants and organizers alone.

Take a look through the website for the most recent national and international Write On! winning essays!

And you can check out our video from the 2015 competition:



The current Write On! International Committee, updating this website (hi!), coordinating Write On! competitions, and judging international Write On! winners, is:
Cherish Broker (Peace Corps Georgia G17)
Erin Pipes (Peace Corps Georgia G16)
Jenny Ma (Peace Corps Georgia G17)
Konstantin Samoilov (Peace Corps Georgia G16)
Magnus Nelson (Peace Corps Georgia G16)
Mark DeMik (Peace Corps Georgia G17)
Matt Mitchell (Peace Corps Georgia G17)
Patty Ritter (Peace Corps Georgia G16)

To get involved, contact us at: writeoncompetition@gmail.com. Or comment below!




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