All Winners

  • 6th Form | Albania
    “If you could invent a new season, what would it be like?”
  • 7th Form | Georgia
    “Other than monkeys, what animals do you think are similar to humans?  Why?”
  • 8th Form | Albania
    “Write a short, modern fairy tale.”
  • 9th Form | Bulgaria
    “You wake up, go to the bathroom and look in the mirror.  A different face looks back at you.”
  • 10th Form | Albania
    “Write about a heart that won’t stop beating.”
  • 11th Form | Bulgaria
    “Describe your perfect place.”
  • 12th Form | Kenya
    “Is anything purely good or bad?”
  • 1st Year University | Azerbaijan
    “How do you want to die?”
  • 2nd Year University | Armenia
    “What is the difference between loving and being in love?”
  • 3rd Year University | Georgia
    “Write a letter to your 10-year-old self.”
  • 4th Year University | Ukraine
    “What buttons would you like to add to the keyboard of a computer.”

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