All Winners

  • 6th Form | Georgia
    “You can live under the sea, in the jungle or on a cloud for the rest of your life. Which place do you choose to live and what’s your life like?”
  • 7th Form | Georgia
    “You wake up one morning and realize that you grew wings overnight. What do you decide to do for the day?”
  • 8th Form | Albania
    “If you could be famous for one thing, what would you be famous for?  Why do you want to be famous for that?”
  • 9th Form | Albania
    “A beautifully wrapped package arrives at your front door with the message, ‘Guard this with your life.’ What’s in it and how do you protect it?”
  • 10th Form | Morocco
    “You wake up to find a key under your pillow.  What does it unlock?”
  • 11th Form | Cambodia
    “What would the world be like if the sun was always shining and there was no night?”
  • 12th Form | Georgia
    “Describe what it feels like to be a falling raindrop in a thunderstorm.”
  • 1st Year University | Georgia
    “You enter a world where all the lies you ever told are true.  Describe that world and how it makes you feel.”
  • 2nd Year University | China
    “You are alone on a hike in the woods.  You come across a 374 year old woman.  What do you learn from her?”
  • 3rd Year University | Philippines
    “You are the only librarian in a secret underground library used by the most important people in the world.  Who are they?  What do they read?  How do you interact with them?”
  • 4th Year University | Philippines
    “You are a new character in your favorite book.  How does your presence change the story?”
  • Professional | Morocco
    “A scientist shows you his latest invention: machine that lets you create your own dream world. If you are hooked up to the machine, you will fall asleep and dream that you are in your ideal world, but you will never wake up. The scientist gives you the chance to use his machine.  Do you use it? Why or why not?”

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