Country Profile

  • Peace Corps Country: 1993 – Present
  • Write On! Competition participant: 2009 – Present
  • 8 International Winners
  • Creative writing tip: Get off the page.  Make what you’re writing about 3 dimensional and let us see it, taste it, smell it, feel it, hear it.
  • Fun Fact: The cave in Criva, Moldova, is amongst the largest caves of the world. The underground path out there is also one of the longest in the world.
  • Write On! initiatives: Expansion is our main initiative this year.  We want to get more students involved in the competition nationwide.  We would also like to get a wider base of PCVs and Moldovan nationals to spread the message to students and coordinate competition sites, and put more Moldovan teachers in active roles as coordinators and facilitators to ensure sustainability in the future.  Last, we are hoping to create a structured system to award winners and recognize all competitors’ efforts.

2016 National Winners

  • 6th Form | Cioresa
    “You can have a door in your room that opens anywhere. Where would it open to and why?”
  • 7th Form | Cioresa
    “Would you rather explore space or the oceans? Why?”
  • 8th Form | Hincepti 
    “One day you wake up to find yourself to be the opposite gender. What is it like? How is life different?”
  • 9th Form | Costeşti
    “The Evil Emperor must be stopped. You, the hero of the story, have the powers to summon any mystical creature to help fight him. Which mystical creature do you choose and how do you stop the Evil Emperor?”
  • 11th Form | Chisinau
    “You can spend your whole life traveling anywhere you want to go, but you can never stay in one place longer than 3 months. Or, you can spend your whole life in your hometown but you can never leave. Which would you choose and why?”
  • 12th Form | Chisinau | International Winner 
    “ For one year, you can do anything you want. Money is not a problem and you will not get in trouble for anything you do. By the end of the year, you forget everything that happened. What do you do?”
  • 1st Year University | Chisinau | International Winner 
    “There are two boxes in a room. Inside one box is the best thing in life, inside the other box, the worst. What is in each of the two boxes? Describe them.”
  • 2nd Year University | Chisinau | International Winner 
    “You find a book in the library that has no writing in it. But when you speak, writing appears on the pages to reply to you. What do you talk about?”
  • 3rd Year University | Chisinau | International Winner 
    “Respond to the prompt: Comparison is the death of joy”

2015 National Winners

  • 6th Form | Chisinau
    “You have a hat with strange powers. What happens when you put it on?”
  • 7th Form | Chisinau
    “You wake up n the morning and you realize that you grew wings overnight. What do you decide to do for the day?”
  • 8th Form | Chisinau 
    “One of your senses increases to ten times stronger. What are the advantages and disadvantages?”
  • 9th Form | Costeşti
    “A beautifully wrapped package is at your door with the message “Guard this with your life.” Whats in it and how do you protect it?”
  • 10th Form | Cimislia
    “You wake up to find a key under your pillow.  What does it unlock?”
  • 11th Form | Chisinau
    “You snap your fingers once and your best friend appears beside you. You snap your fingers again and you are both transported to your favorite place. What happens when you snap your fingers again?”
  • 12th Form | Floresti
    “Describe what it feels like to be a falling raindrop in a thunderstorm.”
  • 1st Year University | Taraclia
    “You have the ability to create a brand new world. What kind of world would you create?”
  • 3rd Year University | Comrat
    “You are a new character in your favorite book. How does your presence change the story?”
  • 4th Year University | Comrat
    “You are a new character in your favorite book. How does your presence change the story?”
  • Professional | Comrat
    “A scientist shows you his latest invention: a machine that lets you create your own dream world.  If you are hooked up to the machine, you will fall asleep and dream that you are in your ideal world, but you will never wake up.  The scientist gives you the chance to use his machine.  Do you use it?  Why or why not?”

2014 National Winners

  • 6th Form | Ialoveni | International Winner 
    “If you could be an animal for a day what would you be and what would you do?”
  • 7th Form | Costeşti 
    “Pretend that you have been shrunk down to the size of an ant for a day. What do you do and see?”
  • 8th Form | Floreşti 
    “If you could make a new animal, what would it be like?”
  • 9th Form | Costeşti
    “What do trees think about?”
  • 10th Form
    “Invent a new day of the year to celebrate what would it be, when would it be, and how would people celebrate it?”
  • 11th Form | Ialoveni
    “You are one of the first settlers on Mars. You have lived there for one year. Write about your first year.”
  • 12th Form
    “If you were a superhero, what would be your weakness?”

2013 National Winners

  • 6th Form | Ialoveni
    “You wake up one morning and can understand chickens. They never shut up. What do you do?”
  • 7th Form | Ialoveni
    “What would you do it you were invisible for a day?”
  • 8th Form | Soroca
    “What would happen if children ruled the world?”
  • 9th Form | Calarasi
    “Describe the world through a dog’s eyes.”
  • 10th Form | Ialoveni
    “You just found a way to travel through time. You only have one round trip. Where and when do you go?”
  • 11th Form | Cojusna | International Winner
    “What does a blind man see?”
  • 12th Form | Cimislia
    “If death were a person, what would he/she be like?”

2010 National Winners

  • 7th Form | Giurgiulesti Village | International Winner
    “Describe the perfect world.”
  • 12th Form | Stefan Voda
    “Which is better, books or computers, and why?”

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