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  • Peace Corps Country: 1961 – Present
  • Write On! Competition participant: 2012 – Present
  • 15 International Winners since 2012
  • Fun Fact: The Philippine flag is the only flag in the world which is hoisted upside-down when the country is in war.



2018 National Winners

  • 6th Grade | Patnongon, Antique
    • On your way to school you meet a dragon. The dragon is lost and you decide to spend your day with him. Describe your day with the dragon.
  • 7th Grade | Agoo, La Union
    • You’re on a hike in the forest when the trees start talking to you! What do they say and what do you do?
  • 8th Grade | Escalante City, Negros
    • You’re on a field trip to the art museum with your class. As you’re walking
      through the gallery, you suddenly realize that the people in the paintings can talk to you! What are they saying?
  • 9th Grade | Solano, Nueva Vizcaya
    • You find yourself locked inside an old abandoned building. How did you get there? How do you get out?
  • 10th Grade | Agoo, La Union
    • You are exploring in the woods with a friend when you get lost. You meet a person who offers to lead you out and you accept. However, before long you get the feeling you are being led somewhere nobody would want to go.
  • 11th Grade | Pasuquin
    • Invent a new season and how it affects the world.
  • 12th Grade | Agoo, La Union
    • You are a kid’s imaginary friend, but you find yourself slowly fading away as they grow older.
  • University 1 | San Andres, Romblon
    • You witness a boy asking a girl out on a date. It’s awkward. Narrate it as if it is a nature documentary.
  • University 2 | Agoo, La Union
    • What else should students learn in school that isn’t taught? Why is it important that this is taught?
  • University 3 | Gubat Sorsogon
    • You bolt awake but you’re not immediately sure what awakened you. You
      fumble for your cell phone to check the time, but as you reach for the bedside table, your hand passes through it as if it were mist. After a moment…
  • University 4 | Agoo, La Union
    • Write a story from the villain’s perspective.
  • Professional | Agoo, La Union
    • Imagine you are someone’s shadow for one day. Whose shadow would you be and why? What would you do?

2017 National Winners


2016 National Winners

    • 6th Form | International Winner
      “You can have a door in your room that opens anywhere. Where would it open and why?”
    • 7th Form 
      “Would you rather explore space or the oceans? Why?”
    • 8th Form
      “One day you wake up to find yourself to be the opposite gender. What is it like? How is life different?”
    • 9th Form | International Winner
      “What’s behind the door? Why is it closed? “
    • 10th Form | International Winner
      “You get onto a spaceship- where is it going? Why?”
    • 1st Year University
      “There are two boxes in a room. Inside one box is the best thing in life, inside the other box, the worst. What is in each of the two boxes? Describe them.”
    • 2nd Year University
      “You find a book in the library that has no writing in it. But when you speak, writing appears on the pages to reply to you. What do you talk about?”
    • 3rd Year University | International Winner
      “You are the only librarian in a secret underground library used by the most important people in the world.  Who are they?  What do they read?  How do you interact with them?”
    • 4th Year University | International Winner
      “A new invention enables people to remember their dreams with absolute clarity. It turns out people were forgetting them for a very good reason. What is the reason?”
    • Professional | International Winner
      “Instead of the oceans covering the earth, forests are in their place, making it possible to walk from continent to continent. Like oceans, they get deeper, darker, and more dangerous the further you go. You travel through one of these ‘oceans.’ What do you see?”

2015 National Winners

    • 6th Form 
      “You have a hat with strange powers.  What happens when you put it on?”
    • 7th Form 
      “Everything you draw comes to life.  What do you draw?”
    • 8th Form 
      “If you could be famous for one thing, what would you be famous for?  Why?”
    • 9th Form 
      “You have a time machine that will only work once.  What will you do with it?”
    • 10th Form 
      “You wake up to find a key under your pillow.  What does it unlock”
    • 11th Form 
      “What would it be like if the sun was always shining and there was no light?”
    • 1st Year University 
      “You have the ability to create a brand new world.  What kind of world would you create?”
    • 2nd Year University
      “You are in charge of creating a new custom for your country.  Explain your choice using specific reasons and examples”
    • 3rd Year University | International Winner
      “You are the only librarian in a secret underground library used by the most important people in the world.  Who are they?  What do they read?  How do you interact with them?”
    • 4th Year University | International Winner
      “You are a new character in your favorite book.  How does your presence change the story?”
    • Professional
      “A scientist shows you his newest invention:  a machine that lets you create your own dream world.  If you are hooked up to the machine, you will fall asleep and dream that you are in your ideal world, but you will never wake up.  The scientist gives you the chance to use this machine.  Do you use it?  Why or why not?”

2013 National Winners

    • 6th Form 
      “If clouds were edible, what would they taste like?”
    • 8th Form | Ifugao | International Winner
      “What would happen if children ruled the world?”
    • 9th Form | Ifugao
      “What should be free for everyone in the world?”
    • 10th Form 
      “You just found a way to travel through time. You only have one round trip. Where and when do you go?”
    • 1st Year University 
      “What is the worst thing parents can do to their children?”
    • 2nd Year University | Negros Occidental | International Winner
      “How would the world be different if there were no jails? What would happen to people who commit crimes?”
    • 3rd Year University | Negros Occidental | International Winner
      “If love were a meal, what would it consist of and why?”
    • 4th Year University 
      “Describe a memorable even and how it made you feel, but without naming the feeling?”

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  1. How about the 2019 winners?

  2. Hi! Can you also post for the top 3 in each level? How I wish I could still have the copy of my story 😔

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