Country Profile

  • Peace Corps Country since 1992
  • Write On! Competition participant since 2011
  • 7 International Winners
  • Fun Fact: World’s most visited McDonald’s is situated near Kiev central train station with more than 2 million orders annually.

2018 National Winners

  • 6th Grade | Zhytomyr
    • On your way to school you meet a dragon. The dragon is lost and you decide to spend your day with him. Describe your day with the dragon.
  • 7th Grade | Ivano-Frankivsk 
    • You’re on a hike in the forest when the trees start talking to you! What do they say and what do you do?
  • 8th Grade | Kyiv
    • You’re on a field trip to the art museum with your class. As you’re walking
      through the gallery, you suddenly realize that the people in the paintings can talk to you! What are they saying?
  • 9th Grade | Sumy
    • You find yourself locked inside an old abandoned building. How did you get there? How do you get out?
  • 10th Grade | Sumy
    • You are exploring in the woods with a friend when you get lost. You meet a person who offers to lead you out and you accept. However, before long you get the feeling you are being led somewhere nobody would want to go.
  • 11th Grade | Poltava
    • Invent a new season and how it affects the world.
  • 12th Grade | Sumy
    • You wake up in prison, but you don’t belong there. How do you escape?
  • University 1 | Poltava
    • You witness a boy asking a girl out on a date. It’s awkward. Narrate it as if it is a nature documentary.
  • University 2 | Chernivtsi
    • What else should students learn in school that isn’t taught? Why is it important that this is taught?
  • University 3 | Lviv
    • You bolt awake but you’re not immediately sure what awakened you. You
      fumble for your cell phone to check the time, but as you reach for the bedside table, your hand passes through it as if it were mist. After a moment…
  • University 4 | Poltava
    • Write a story from the villain’s perspective.
  • Professional | Ivano-Frankivsk 
    • Write about your worst hello and your favorite goodbye.

2017 National Winners

        • 6th Form | Ternopil City
          “What would life be like if you were the size of an ant?”
        • 7th Form | Uzhhorod
          “You’re leaving on a spaceship and you can only bring two items. Which two do you bring and why?”
        • 8th Form | Poltava
          “If you could speak to animals, what would they say to you? What would you do with this gift?”
        • 9th Form | Mykolaiv
          “All humans are born with an animal companion they can talk to. What animal is your companion and why? Tell a story about an adventure you have together.”
        • 10th Form | Rommy
          “You are camping with your friends in the forest. You all have backpacks and two tents. When night falls, you light a fire and you get into a tent with three of your friends. As you are about to fall asleep, an enormous shadow passes your tent. You get very scared and wake your friends up. Suddenly, there is a loud scream.”
        • 11th Form | Bila Tserkva
          “You walk to the store to buy food for your family. When you get to the store there is no food on the shelves. You ask the shop keeper where the food is but she doesn’t know. The food just disappeared. What happens next?”
        • 12th Form | Bohuslav
          You are studying very hard one night when you hear a knock on your door. You open it and are surprised to see yourself standing there looking back at you with a very serious expression. The other you says, “Listen, I know this is going to seem weird, but I had to come back in time to tell you this.” What happens next?
        • 1st Year University | Lviv City
          “If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?”
        • 2nd Year University | Mykolaiv
          “You and your three closest friends decide to go camping. You arrive and set up camp nearly three miles away from where you left your car. Late that evening, as you sit around the campfire roasting marshmallows, one of your friends reveals a deep, dark secret that turns what was to be a fun weekend into one of the scariest weekends of your life.”
        • 3rd Year University | Berdychiv
          “Every morning, a bird lands on your window and pecks at the glass. It is your alarm clock. One morning, it doesn’t appear. Instead, there is a note. What does it say? What happens next?”
        • 4th Year University | Ivano Frankivsk
          “Humanity has finally made it to Mars, but within a month of settling there, the remains of thousands of human skeletons are found. How did they get there? What happened to them and what happens next?”
        • Professional | Ivano Frankivsk
          “A fortune teller will tell you exactly where you’ll be in 20 years but you’re powerless to change it. Would you want to hear it? Why or why not?”

2016 National Winners

        • 6th Form | Lviv Oblast
          “You can have a door in your room that opens anywhere. Where would it open and why?”
        • 7th Form | Haisyn | International Winner
          Would you rather explore space or the oceans? Why?
        • 8th Form 
          “One day you wake up to find yourself to be the opposite gender. What is it like? How is life different?”
        • 9th Form | Vinogradiv
          “What’s behind the door? Why is it closed?”
        • 10th Form | Dolyna
          “You get onto a spaceship. Where is it going? Why?”
        • 11th Form | Dolyna
          “You can spend your whole life traveling anywhere you want to go, but you can never stay in one place for more than three months OR you can spend your whole life in your hometown, but you can never leave. Which would you choose and why?”
        • 1st Year University | Klishkivsty
          There are two boxes in a room.  Inside one box is the best thing in life, inside the other box, the worst.  What is in each of the two boxes? Describe them.
        • 2nd Year University | Chernivsti
          You find a book in the library that has no writing in it.  But when you speak, writing appears on the pages to reply to you.  What do you talk about?
        • 4th Year University  
          “A new invention enables people to remember their dreams with absolute clarity. It turns out people were forgetting them for a very good reason. What is the reason?”
        • Professional 
          “As you die, you travel down the bright tunnel and then everything turns black. That’s when you hear it: “Greetings, Prisoner 11384. You have served your sentence. You are free to go.” What happens next?”

2013 National Winners

        • 6th Form | Poltava
          “If clouds were edible, what would they taste like?”
        • 7th Form | Zaporozhka Oblast 
          “Imagine the food in your refrigerator could talk. When the door is closed, what do you think they talk about? What do they say to each other?”
        • 8th Form | Poltava
          “If you could change one thing about boys/girls, what would it be? Why?”
        • 9th Form | Volyn
          “Describe the World Through a Dog’s Eyes.”
        • 10th Form | Cherkaska
          “If I had a remote control that controlled your parents, what buttons would it have?”
        • 11th Form | Zakarpatska
          “What does a blind person see?”
        • 1st Year University | Ternopilska
          “What is the worst thing parents can do to their children?”
        • 2nd Year University | Lviv
          “How would the world be different if there were no jails? What would happen to people who commit crimes?”
        • 3rd Year University | Donetsk
          “If love was a meal, what would it taste like and why? (Include main course, drink and dessert)”
        • 4th Year University | Lviv| International Winner
          “Describe a memorable event and how it made you feel, but without naming the feeling.”

2012 National Winners

        • 4th Year University | Zaporizhia | International Winner
          “What buttons would you like to add to the keyboard on a computer”

2011 National Winners

      • 11th Form | International Winner
        “Describe personalities of different rooms in a house (bathroom, bedroom, etc.”
      • 1st Year University | International Winner
        “Imagine you are an alien discovering humans for the first time.  How would you describe them to other aliens?”
      • 2nd Year University | International Winner
        “If newborn babies could talk, what would they say?”
      • 4th Year University | International Winner
        “Write a letter to your great, great, great grandchild”

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