You’re leaving on a spaceship and you can only bring two items. Which two do you bring and why?

 Anastasiya Timofeyeva

Space is a mysterious place. It will never be completely discovered. But that’s what makes it space. Space makes us feel small. We feel like tiny molecules in the air. But if there are even smaller people than us. What if we are not the only living beings in this enormous universe? What if there are other planes with edible food, breathable air and drinkable water?

NASA is a company that explores space. Every year they send out people on spaceships to other planets. NASA may not be able to discover everything but little things are enough. Since the beginning of NASA the astronauts, scientist and historians who work there had already found out that Mars used to have water but then it all disappeared. They found out the existence of three identical copies of earth in other solar systems just about two years ago.

Each and every plant, star, comet needs exploring but we don’t have enough time. NASA send out people every year to space. One day I would love to be one of them. I could kill just to go out to space and find out something new. Space is an interesting place about which I would like to find out more. I want to know how many solar systems exist. I want to find out if there are any aliens’ somewhere out there. Every day I watch NASA news reports to find out about what happens in space. Sometime ago I heard that NASA is having an experiment on Mars. They sent people out there. People have to live there for ten years in small colonies. If the people like it, NASA will create a huge colony in which people will live for all the time they want. I want to be one of those people. I want to live on Mars.

If I actually had that opportunity, I wouldn’t let it go to waste. I would spend most of my life researching and helping NASA. I want to help as much as I can. If I could fly out to space in a spacecraft, I would probably try to catch a WIFI signal and try those bottled soups. I read that they are full of vitamins because people in space don’t have enough energy and they need to survive. There are many things we need in space but we cannot take them all. We need our precious phones to stop us from getting board. But how can we get board in such a wonderful place with such magnificent scenery? I myself couldn’t waste my time playing video games in space. I know I am probably the first child on planet earth to say that but I may not even be from earth. Some theories say that when all dinosaurs died aliens came and took over our planet and to have their little colony here. Then a few years or centuries later they got everything. I know that this theory may only be someone’s imagination going wild but what do we know?

But really if I had to choose between games and knowledge I would definitely choose knowledge. We need knowledge to create games. Am I right? So when I go to space I want to take as many books as possible. Or I could just take a tablet with huge memory to store the books into. I would also take my favorite pet, chalk, but I am not sure that is allowed. If it was possible I would take my funny, cute but partially dangerous dog. If not then I would take my huge notebook to write poetry in. My friends tell me that most of my poetry is Goth and I believe them. I mostly write about the meaning of life and death, good and bad. Life may be bad but death will be worse. Am I right?

To conclude this text I want to say that life on earth was great but somewhere else will be easier or maybe harder…who knows. If we do not try, we will not find out. So, goodbye! Maybe I will meet you again. But either way you were a great friend! I hope that wherever I go next I will see you there. If not then I hope to find a friend as great as you. Bye earthling!