Write a story from the villain’s perspective.

Oleksii Tsuber


I stood in front of the gate. The ancient palace seemed to be quiet and abandoned, but I felt it was not so. People called it the Walls of Beasts. And not without reason. But I remembered an older name, its true name – Finsternis.

“Am I going to do it? To rob my King’s palace? Our palace?” – as I thought this, memories of older days came into my consciousness like an autumn wind. There were merry feasts with the King in Finsternis. We had beer and wine and roasted meat of wild boars and deer we had hunted in forests around the palace. I sat on the right hand of the King and Olgerd, my old fellow, on the left, These were the happiest days of my life.

“But its long gone now. The King have not been seen for a hundred years at least and the palace was empty for twice this time.”

Was it worth it? Was my quest worth the prize? Maximum harm I can do – disturb the old memories, which maybe nobody of living already had. But the prize… the Kingsheart! The legendary gem of overwhelming beauty. A gigantic ruby. It would be a perfect marital gift for my beloved Undine.

In that moment I could not stop my mind from imagining this gem in a necklace on her beautiful tender neck. Oh, my beloved… I sighed.

“Do not trade a booty you haven’t obtained,” – I said to myself and with a strong push I opened the gates.

Darkness breathed in my face and shadows crawled out the gateway. Just like in the good old days. It’s been always a little too gloomy here – I checked my equipment: the sword, the backpack with food and water for three days and pack of flashlights.

“Hope I won’t use these” – I could see in darkness pretty well and knew all the ways in this palace.

“So here we go” – I said aloud and stepped into the darkness.

At first it seemed just like a very old place. I confidently made my way to the northern halls – somewhere there should be the gem. But after an hour or so I began to hear some noises here and there. It seemed somebody watched me. Sometimes with a hindsight I saw glittering in the darkness – like there were somebody’s eyes.

“Just breathe…”

With every step my heart beat faster.

“Calm yourself Harold” – I commanded myself but it did not help, because in that moment I heard footsteps behind me.

“Who dares to break into our house?” – I heard a monstrous voice ten paces behind. It echoed through the countless halls, rooms and passages of Finsterns. Most terrfifying, I heard a distant squeaking, groaning and howling that seemed to come in answer to the first voice. It sounded… beastial.

Now I was just a burglar nowadays, not a warrior. I did not want to fight monsters. I ran.

“It must be Shun, the lord of the Halls of Beasts.”

I lost my direction and Shun’s steps seemed closer with every second. I decided to use my flashlight.

I took the little thing out of my breastpocket and activated it. It went with shiny beams of golden light and I saw my environment perfectly. Now I knew where I was, but… but I cannot say it. I was surrounded by hideous creatures. They looked like beasts, but something evil and something human was about them. They stared at me and I saw a hungry queue in their eyes. Shun was behind me.

My heart stopped. It was the end. But… maybe the palace brought something of my past into my soul. Surprised by my own actions I unheathed my sword and in one move killed Shun when he still was blind. The beasts panicked and fleed. I was a warrior once. In the next hall I saw the Kingsheart. It was even prettier than I thought. Without wasitng time, I grabbed the gem and put it in my breast pocket.

“You killed Olgerd and now you steal my gem” – I heard a voice from a corner of the hall. There was a dwarf but at first I thought it was a dead body in a pile of rubbish.

“Hello, Harold. I am Lusian, your King.” – said the dwarf.

The creature looked even uglier than Shun. It was small, and and with a long grey beard that reached down the floor. It looked nothing like Lusian. I cried.

“The disaster made it to me, my old friend. And it turned Shun into a beast. I came here to look at my heart, but you stole it. It’s in your pocket. You’re a villain now, Harold.” he said grimly.

I was terrified and ran. “You are a villain, you betrayed me,” his voice rung in my ears and pumped in my blood. And on my breast I felt a beat – the beat of a heart. The gem was not a gem – it was an actual heart! The heart of my named brother and my king…

I ran out… I was a traitor… villain… monster.