What else should students learn in school that isn’t taught? Why is it important
that this is taught?

Viola Omelchenko

If I were responsible for education programs (all the education staff) in my country, I would passionately reccomend to teach pupils a really important subject, which is called “Practical Magic”.

Of course, you’re confused. But just let me explain everything. We’re going to start from scratches.

School was made to give pupils basic knowledge about the world around us and help them to use their knowledge in practice. But being a student, I realized, that math algorythms don’t want to help me. Moreover, I cannot even make a good mixture to kill somebody or make him (or her, who knows?) love me. So, where’s the profit?

But there’s a good idea! Instead of cramming boring facts about people died a few centuries ago, pupils can read how live and survive in this unfriendly environment (which) other people call Earth.

So, you open the first page. It is covered in gold with diamonds. Why? Oh, it’s a new “Holy Book” of the 22nd sentury.

The units will be called “Lifehacks”. Lifehack N1: You can use your blanket to escape from problems. And your home assignment. Step 1. Find the cutest, the warmest and the biggest blanket. Step 2. Cover yourself. Step 3. Don’t, no, DON’T uncover your leg if it’s too hot for you. Your enemies are waiting exactly for this.

Or there will be other practical thinks. For example, Lifehack N. 130. If your teacher/tutor/boss/etc. asks you sth you don’t know, just look at your desk/hands/wall/sky/etc. They’ll feel they have no control and ask sme else. It works!

In the back of the book you’ll have some instructions how to create elixirs.

Elixir N1 (the most important!).

-How to cook a Bortsch! Scared? But it’s possible! Or Elixir N2. Making Vine at home. I suppose this knowledge can save your life.

So my dear, I have one more Lifehack for you. It’s a golden secret, so be careful and don’t forgets about it.

This secret was passes on from mother to dother for centuries. Are you ready?

Imagine that you’re coocking something. You’ve heated oil BUT! Oh my God. You should put meat/veggies/etc. into the oil! Breath out. You don’t need any protection. Just put some salt in the oil. It won’t hurt you. Imagine that you’re sacrificing your enemies for a godness of food. So enjoy this knowledge.

How can you exist without these knowledge?

So, that’s my idea of what pupils should teach at schools.