You’re on a hike in the forest when the trees start talking to you! What do they
say and what do you do?

Cheryl Joyce Ulanday

“I Love Trees”

“One mississipi, two missisipi, three missisipi…” I counted ten seconds, hoping that after ten seconds I am not going to be alone. But after ten seconds, I’m still alone. I tried to keep calm or a least think of an idea on how can I get out of here. I tried hard but I just sighed for I am helpless. I started walking, my feet took me in front of a Mahogany Tree. It was a very tall tree, but what caught my attention is a red butterfly. I decided to follow it but then I felt dizzy and my head hurts. I bumped into a tree and it had a huge impact, I was already sitting on the grass. Tears started rolling down my cheeks.

“Hey why are you crying? Have you been taken for granted like us too?” My mouth parted. I don’t know if I should feel happy or sad because someone found me or should I answer the person’s questions. I looked at the direction where I heard the voice. And to my surprise- I saw the Mahogany tree with eyes and a big mouth. I got scared and shouted “Lord, please don’t make me their lunch!” They laughed, but not the evil kind of laugh. It was a genuine kind of laugh.

“What’s your name?” The tree behind be asked.

“Cheryl” I replied. “And no, I’m not taken for granted, that’s not the reason why I’m crying” I added.

“How does it feel to be loved?” Another tree asked.

“It’s the best feeling, you feel wanted, pretty”.

“What do you mean?” The tree asked again.

“You wake up knowing someone loves you. They will help you on times of need.” I said. This is so strange, I usually lose my temper if someone asks a lot.

“I’m sorry if I’m asking a lot of questions about love. You see, I’ve never been loved. We’ve never been loved. Humans just cut us off then turn us into a paper or lumber and other useful things.” The tree looked sad. “Humans never loved us, we are just taken for granted.”

I couldn’t speak, it’s like my lips are glued together. My heart is pounding fast. I feel bad for I am human. I am guilty.

“We just wanted to feel loved.” Said the Tree beside the Mahogany tree.

I took out flowers from my sling bag. I picked them hours ago before this happened. I promised my mother to bring back home some. I put one flower in each tree and said “I feel loved whenever someone gives me flowers, I love you.” I said “I love trees”.

“Cheryl, there you are!”

I saw my advisor running towards me feeling really worried. I could see it in her face. I looked back at the trees and their eyes and mouth are gone. I mouthed “I love you” before leaving the forest. It’s a two-hour bus ride till we reached our house. I said my goodbyes to my classmates and teachers. When I got inside the house mother asked, “what have you learned from the trip?”

“I love trees mommy, I really do”. I happily said.