You’re on a field trip to the art museum with your class. As you’re walking
through the gallery, you suddenly realize that the people in the paintings can talk
to you! What are they saying?

Alina Serbina

“And now class, time to choose a group activity for the holidays!” Our teacher said cheerfully, while picking up the piece of paper with words written on it with her neat hand-writing.

I sighed. It was our free period in school, which means our teacher rambling about how bad of a class we are and how much money do we have to spend on school supplies when we are back from holidays. It annoys me so much, I simply don’t pay attention to the creaky, high-pitched voice of hers.

“Me and your parents had decided to take you all to an art museum! This lovely place had kindly suggested to show the pieces of art they have for free! Isn’t that great?” Are you kidding me? A trip to an art museum? But that’s so boring! I had a debate in my head, whether o not I should sign in. I saw my classmate, who is my best friend, walking to the teacher table and enthusiastically signing in. You know what, screw it! If she’s going, I’ll go too! “That’s so cool, I didn’t know you had a thing for art!” My friend beamed. “Well then you know me too bad” I replied.

A week went by faster than I expected, and now I find myself following a loud group of my classmates tiredly. Who on Earth thought it would be a great idea to make a field trip at 7am? Well, partially, it’s my fault too, I fell asleep only five hours ago, but still! “Attention class” our teacher clapped to pick our attention. “This is out destination-National Art Museum! In fact, it’s very old and has some antique stuff in it. Remember, don’t touch anything, speak quietly, and behave well!” I chuckled to myself, it’s pointless to say, our class will be laughing at naked Renaissance pictures anyway! I entered the heavy oak doors. They had fancy ornaments on them. A weird scent hit my nose, which can be described as old, like something is definitely rotten over here. As you can see, I am very skeptical about this whole idea.

But I thought the style of the building was pretty cool. Everything was made out of wood, there was nothing modern, even the lamps were gas ones. My friend was examining the candles on the high wooden post as they were something from an other planet. “We’re not even in the paintings hall yet! But those candles are so antique and old I can’t help but look at them”. I rolled my eyes playfully at her and continued walking. Our guide said that the hall with the exhibits is on the second floor, she admitted that those paintings are very special.

Stairs complimented the whole style well, they were wide, if you step on them they will make a creaky annoying noise. This art museum ever had a reconstruction? I don’t think so.

These stairs never ending, my legs hurt from all the walking. I noticed a door and it was even bigger than the entrance! Two security guards were standing on the each side of the door, our guide quickly whispered something to them, they nodded and opened the doors.

Immediately my ears were hit by a loud noise, like one thousand people decided to scream. I had to cover my ears to continue walking.

“So, remember when I said that those paintings were special? All the noise you are hearing right now, in fact, comes from them!” Our guide revealed. “So like, in Harry Potter?” one of my classmates curiously asked. “Indeed! These paintings can communicate with you. Go, try it out!”. I was shocked. Is this a lucid dream I’m having? This can’t be real?

I went to the first painting hanging on the wall: Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Woman on the painting was staying silent, smiling mysteriously and staring at me. “Um, hello?” I asked, still not sure if its true. She didn’t reply. Weird. I went to the other picture: the painting of some ancient war. There were mythical creatures which were making animal sound, people shouting, weapons being hit by each other. I was mesmerized, I was looking at the painting, noticing every small detail. “What’s going on guys?” I asked casually, the warriors on this piece of art. “The Trojan war! The Greeks were fooled by Trojans and now we have to defeat ourselves!” “Wait, aren’t you that Ahill guy, from the Greek legend? Yeah I read about you and spoiler alert-you’ll be dead. Okay, good luck I guess”. I waved at them and went by. The next painting: The Holy Evening. I felt a tap on my shoulders, it was our guide “You are not allowed to tell the people on paintings about the future, it will ruin everything!” I nodded. I decided not to speak to Jesus and other people and just look. They were all talking about us, humans, our sins, their plans. I smiled to myself a little bit at the whole concept of me listening to their conversation. I thought that this field trip will be boring as hell! I saw my friend arguing with the portrait of some medieval lady. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Oh nothing, she just said I wear clothes that show too much skin!” My friend was furious. Medieval lady scrunched her nose and then made a straight face.

And then it just like it was before all suddenly stopped. Was I dreaming all that time? Well, if so, I’ll never forget that dream.