You find yourself locked inside an old abandoned building. How did you get
there? How do you get out?

Dasha Mauynych

I wake up and I see nothing. Darkness. I can’t understand where I am, how did I get there or how to get out. I’m scared. I’m surrounded by the worst enemy, my fear. I can’t feel my legs or arms, I can’t move. My fear gets over em and I can’t even breath.

I can’t think clear, my thoughts run away from me. But fear come on their place, so now I panic. I’m trying to scream, but my voice no longer belongs to me. I’m alone, but still I’m not because my fear is here and I don’t know how to fight him.

You think that’s madness, I’m crazy, but it’s not me who is the only one being crazy. Everyone is…When our fear comes we all look crazy. The problem is how to fight against this madness. How to fight a part of us that always lays inside. How to fight overselves. How to fight our fear.

That day when everything have started, that was the day when all this madness began. My day started normally, the same way as any other normal day. I woke up, I finished my breakfast, for that specific day I have oatmeal with tea, then the bell rang. That’s it, that’s the moment when everything begins. Try to keep this moment in mind, because as every story has it’s start and end, this moment is the start of mine. I will try to describe everything  that happened to me after this moment, so be patient and try to understand.

I open the door, but nobody is there. I’m trying to find something, but still there is nothing. That moment I thought was somebody’s stupid prank. I’ve never been mistaken so much in my life. Okay, I hope you’re interested in what happened next, cause that would interest you.

I go to my bedroom and there is a strange box right in front of me, laying on my bed. I’m in shock. My parents are far away and my window is closed, but then how? How could this strange unknown box be here. I do not think, even for a moment, I rush to this box and open it. A paper? Wait, what? Really, who would leave a paper inside of a big box. I’m trying to read what is written on it. It says “Don’t be  scared. When the time comes. The one that’s always with you would be the one you need to fight. Close your eyes and fly”-That sounds really creepy, don’t you think so? That’s why the next moment I’ve finished reading the paper I throw it away. I close my eyes and then…I’m here. In darkness. After a minute or two I finally understand where I am . It’s an old abandoned building. I’m trying to run. One corner, another corner, turn right, turn left,  and then…I see…It’s not really an old building. It’s a skyscraper. An old one, wait, it’s a World Trade Center, but how? Am I in future? Where the highest building in New York is no longer important, no longer useful.

Then I look around, nothing around me is looking like New York. It’s a dessert…And I’m on the 135 level, in World Trade Center, in dessert? Wait, are you serious? I’m trying to remember what the creepy paper said: “Close your eyes and fly”. Fly?! From the highest skyscraper in New York. I turn around and I see myself, wait, it’s not me, it’s my fear. I close my eyes…and…I jump. One moment, two…I’m falling. I open my eyes and I’m in my bedroom.I’m trying to find a paper. It say:” You finished the first level”