On your way to school you meet a dragon. The dragon is lost and you decide to
spend your day with him. Describe your day with the dragon.

Illya Taipolie

It was a sunny good spring day. The sun was shining and I went to school with my best friends – Jackob and Johnny. We walked down the street, we had got a good mood, so we were very happy. To have a good mood, we asked each other silly questions like “why sun is shining?” “why grass is green.” One time I asked a question for Johhny like “What do you think? Do you believe in dragons?” This time the sky started to be black. Sun stopped shine. And on the ground, just in front of us, got a big dragon. It looked like from nether. It was big, red and black. It took a fire from its mouth.

We was afraid of dragon and wanted to run far and far. But dragon started to talk – “I’m Netherhell,” – said the dragon.

-H-h-hello…, – said I after some same time.

-I’m looking for the biggest planet in space, named Hirix. Do you know where it is? – asked a dragon to us like to its friends.

I looked on my friends. They was very afraid of dragon and maybe didn’t want to talk with me and with dragon. After some time Johnny got normal, but he started to shout on me:

-Are you mad?! It’s a very big dragon! It can eat all us and all other planet in one time.

-I think you’re mad!, – started shout I on Johnny. We have got a chance to spend day with unusual dragon and look for Hirix. I think it will be very enjoyable and so interesting.

-Netherhell! We don’t know where is your planet Hirix but we can help you to find it.

-It’s my home! I lost in the space, and I want to go back home to my mum, to my dad, to my elder brothers and sisters!, dragon started to cry.

We sat down on the dragon’s back and started to fly to the skies and some time left we was in a open space.

-It’s very beautiful!-said Johny.

-Yeah!! – shouted Jackob.

-How much time must we fly to find your planet, Netherhell? – asked I.

-A few more than twenty minutes! I’m very fast dragon!

At this time I have good mood, but I wasn’t calm for our lives. I sat on the dragon’s back and after some I started to sleep. I don’t know how much time I slept, but when I got up we there next to a big-big-very big planet. It was all black and very unusual.

-It isn’t my native planet!,-started to cry dragon. We sat down on this planet and I saw a big space dog. It sat next to a big cave. Dragon said, that this cave is it’s home. In this cave was parents and relatives of Netherhell, but a big space dog bit a dragon’s brother and it was very ill. We had only one idea. We had to fight with this dog. Dragon started to fight. It was very strong and fast. He took a bit for the space dog and it died. We was very fine. I took a lot of photos with dragon and sent it to my classmates, with phrase like “when you sat at leassons and studied boring subjects, I had an amazing adventure!!” I arrived home quickly at one second like with using magic. I was very tired. I went to bed and when I got up at the morning or next day I took my phone and…

I saw that all my photos with dragons was deleted. I didn’t know was it a dream or real life, but next summer, when I arrived to my granny’s house in village I saw that villagers was afraid of something unusual. I understood that it was my dragon- Netherhell. I said that it must stop destroy village because there are a lot of people. Netherhell understood me and stopped destroy village. We have got a good friendship forever!