Country ProfileIndonesia Flag

  • Peace Corps Country since 1963
  • Write On! Competition participant 2015-Present
  • 3 International Winners
  • Fun Fact: Indonesia is home to some of the rarest creatures in the world, including miniature deer, fish that climb trees to catch insects and spiders that catch and devour small birds in giant webs


2018 National Winners

  • 8th Grade | Karawang
    • You’re on a field trip to the art museum with your class. As you’re walking
      through the gallery, you suddenly realize that the people in the paintings can talk to you! What are they saying?
  • 9th Grade | Sumenep
    • You find yourself locked inside an old abandoned building. How did you get there? How do you get out?
  • University 4 |
    • If you were the leader of your country (President, Prime Minister, Queen, etc.), what are three laws you would create for your people? Why did you choose these three?
  • Professional | Subang
    • Imagine you are someone’s shadow for one day. Whose shadow would you be and why? What would you do?

2017 National Winners

    • 7th Grade
      “You’re leaving on a spaceship and you can only bring two items. Which two do you bring and why?
    • 8th Grade 
      “If you could speak to animals what would they say to you? What would you do with this gift?”
    • 9th Grade
      “All humans are born with an animal companion they can talk to. What animal is your companion and why? Tell a story about an adventure you have together.”
    • 10th Grade
      “You are watching TV one day and see that your face is on the news. The news anchor is saying your name, and that you are wanted by the police! You’re getting very confused when, suddenly, an identical version of you appears in your doorway!” 
    • 11th Grade 
      “You walk to the store to buy food for your family. When you get to the store there is no food on the shelves. You ask the shop keeper where the food is but she doesn’t know. The food just disappeared. What happens next?”
    • 12th Grade
      “You are studying very hard one night when you hear a knock on your door. You open it and are surprised to see yourself standing there looking back at you with a very serious expression. The other you says, “Listen, I know this is going to seem weird, but I had to come back in time to tell you this.” What happens next?”
    • Professional
      “A fortune teller will tell you exactly where you’ll be in 20 years but you’re powerless to change it. Would you want to hear it? Why or why not?”

2016 National Winners

    • 6th Grade | Benjamin Bergen
      “Describe the everyday thoughts of a dog in your country.”
    • 7th Grade | Frances Josetta Sulisyo | International Winner
      “Would you rather explore space or the oceans? Why?”
    • 8th Grade| Maria Abigail Effendi | International Winner
      “You can go back to any time in history. What time would you go to? What would you do there?”
    • 9th Grade
      “What’s behind the door? Why is it closed?”
    • 10th Grade | Aletta Darmawan | International Winner
      “You have invented something that will change the world. What is it? How does it work?”
    • 11th Grade| Indah Darmawati
      “You can spend your whole life traveling anywhere you want to go, but you can never stay in one place for more than three months OR you can spend your whole life in your hometown, but you can never leave. Which would you choose and why?”

2015 National Winners

    • 10th Grade | Wringinanom
      “You invent a new kind of medicine. What does it cure? What are the side effects?”
    • 11th Grade | Wringinanom
      “What would the world be like if the sun was always shining and there was no night?”
    • 12th Grade | Wringinanom
      “If you were given the opportunity to travel the rest of your life, but under the condition that you cannot return to your home, would you take it? Why?”



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