All Winners

  • 6th Form | Bulgaria
    “If you were an architect, how would you design the perfect school?”
  • 7th Form | Bulgaria
    “If you could choose to be an ocean, a river, a lake or a stream, which would you choose to be and why?”
  • 8th Form | Georgia
    “Describe your favorite photograph, and why it is your favorite.”
  • 9th Form | Mongolia
    “If you could fill the night sky up with something other than stars and planets, what would it be and why?”
  • 10th Form | Bulgaria
    “What does a caged bird think about all day?”
  • 11th Form | Ukraine
    “Describe personalities of different rooms in the house (bathroom, bedroom, etc.)”
  • 12th Form | Georgia
    “If hunger were  a painting, what would it look like?”
  • 1st Year University | Ukraine
    “Imagine you are an alien discovering humans for the first time.  How would you describe them to other aliens?”
  • 2nd Year University | Ukraine
    “If newborn babies could talk, what would they say?”
  • 3rd Year University | Azerbaijan
    “Imagine you are God.  What would your religion be like?”
  • 4th Year University | Ukraine
    “Write a letter to your great, great, great grandchild.”

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