You walk to the store to buy food for your family. When you get to the store there is no food on the shelves. You ask the shopkeeper where the food is but she doesn’t know. The food just disappeared. What happens next?

Nhuien Tkhi Tkhu Khiienh

Excuse me, Madam. Where is the food? I came here to buy some, but there isn’t any. What is going on? – I asked.

I… I just don’t know. It was there… on the shelves… and one second, and it was just gone. I promise, it just vanished into the air! I don’t know how…

Sorry, but did you tell anybody about this? – I interrupted her.

Yes, this rather strange thing happened with all stores all around the town! That never happened before and I… – but I didn’t listen to her anymore. I turned on my heels and walked away.

Outside I looked around. It was sunny Sunday morning, the wind blew lightly, flowers and trees flourished. It should have been a perfect day. I would have done some tasks from my parents and chill after that in my garden reading or listening to music. Nothing said that something might go wrong. I closed my eyes and exhaled deeply. The worst thing just happened in my life.

No, not the fact that food disappeared. But the fact how it disappeared or to be exact by whom.

I headed straight to home, grabbed my bicycle and rode to the small forest near the town. When I got there, I meandered deep into the forest among tall and strong trees. My aim was to get to the small wooden hut near the crystal clean river.

When I saw a hut, I left the bike and ran to it, opened the door and I heard myself screaming.

How dare was you to do that?! – I said angrily – I told you to not do this, not to get out of this bloody house! – the words fall from my mouth.

Cool down… I was just bored. I thought it would be fun – the small panda bear replied calmly – And you left me alone with all this disgusting food – it smirked. And I calmed down. I cannot be furious about it when it is so flouffy and cute.

You might got into troubles – I sighed.

It was okay – It replied – you know, I am able to be invisible. And how can you be sure that was not your imagination? – panda asked.

What do you mean- I hesitated.

You know, I am a character from the story written by you – it said – and what if that was you’ve done all those things?

Hey, don’t be such an irritation. Don’t blame in your criminals – I laughed.

Ok. Do you want something sweety? I have a bunch of food – panda asked me.

Yes, but you have to bring it all back to the shops. It’s not good – I agreed – How you even put all the food into this tiny hut?

Magic – it replied. I laugh and we started talking about everything in the world eating biscuits and chocolate.

It was a fun evening. But how did panda came into life? Well, it just another different story.