Country Profile

  • Peace Corps Country since 1967
  • Write On! Competition participant 2017 – Present
  • 0 International Winners
  • Creative Writing Tip: Keep a notebook with you at all times and write a little everyday!
  • Fun Fact: Samoa was the first Pacific island country to attain independence.
  • Contact the national coordinators at:

2017 National Winners

  • 6th Form
    “What is one physical trait that animals have that you wish humans also had?”
  • 7th Form
    You’re leaving on a spaceship and you can only bring two items. Which two do you bring and why?”
  • 8th Form
    “If you could speak to animals, what would they say to you? What would you do with this gift?”
  • 9th Form
    “All humans are born with an animal companion they can talk to. What animal is your companion and why?”
  • 10th Form
    “You are camping with your friends in the forest. You all have backpacks and two tents. When night falls, you light a fire and you get into a tent with three of your friends. As you are about to fall asleep, an enormous shadow passes your tent. You get very scared and wake your friends up. Suddenly, there is a loud scream.”
  • 12th Form
  • “You are studying very hard one night when you hear a knock on your door. You open it and are surprised to see yourself standing there looking back at you with a very serious expression. The other you says, “Listen, I know this is going to seem weird, but I had to come back in time to tell you this.” What happens next?”
  • 1st Year University
    “Describe a world where everyone has to tell the truth and no one is able to lie.”