You are exploring in the woods with a friend when you get lost. You meet a
person who offers to lead you out and you accept. However, before long you get
the feeling you are being led somewhere nobody would want to go.

Anna Doschenska

So, me and my friend decided to pick the mushrooms in the forest near our city. It’s quite dark and unpleasant place but we thought we were risky.

You know, Forrest is quite dangerous place, so you have to have near you someone you can rely on. I was with my best friend Lena, she is smart, funny and brave girl. I can trust her on the 101%.

The events took place in the middle autumn. After rain there were a lot of mushrooms in the forest, but no person to pick them. That was strange. Usually there were dozens of people searching for berries and mushrooms. Well, not this time the forest felt… Lonely.

Nevertheless, we paid no attention to that and kept on moving. We were walking and talking, keeping up mushrooms on the way. We were having fun so much that we had lost the back way. First we hadn’t realized that and thought that we could simply come back.

But the more we tried to find a way out of this forest, the more we realized that we are missing. Lena and I was scared. We could look at the beautiful forest, painted in red, yellow and orange. All we could thought about was panic.

“What should we do?” asked me Lena.

Usually I would find something to say, relax here somehow but this time I realize that I don’t know what to do. I even can’t say something to make her stop being scared because I was scared for my own. My tongue was numb, I felt despair. That second I was very, very sorry that I had ever come to this forest, so beautiful and scary. I prayed anyone to save us. And then I heard the crunch. The crunch of a broken branch.

“Funny rhyme,” thought I panicly. And I also played this thought not to be the last one. Me and Lena both pressured and a waiting of something. The sound came closely and closely. We stopped breathing. A man in his early 30s stepped from the bushes and looked straight at us.

“What are you doing here?” he asked. He had a calm, relaxing voice. A man held a basket filled with berries in his hand. He had wise, dark, like a forest eyes. He didn’t seem to be dangerous. We chilled out. There was a help.

“We got lost in the forest,” said Lena, her panic went away.

“Are you alone there?” A man looked around, seeking for more people.

“Just me and my friend,” said I. I knew it was unwise. What if he is a maniac but I had no choice.

“Can you help us?” I added. A man threw a long glance at me. There was something specific in it. As he knew something forbidden, as he could see my soul.

“Sure,” he said, “follow me.” Me and Lena looked at each other. “Can we trust him?” I asked mentally. “Sure,” Lena nodded and stepped after the man. I quickly followed her.

A man walked confidently, like he knew the forest. His wise dark eyes looked straight he could went simply “we can trust him,” I said to myself but took my friends hand. She hold it hard. I felt her hesitation. There was something scary again.

“The forest is changed,” realized I. Leaves gone somewhere. The trees were black and naked with tangled branches like they wanted to grab us. There were no colors but black anymore. Even the skies were dark. “I’m with my friend,” I thought and stepped closely to Lena.

“Are you sure about the road?” I asked.

“Of course,” answered man without looking at us. His voice didn’t sound soft and calm anymore. There was something broken. Unexpectedly, a wave of a cold wind blew from somewhere.

“It sounds like whisper,” admitted my friend. I could do anything but agree with her. “Do you hear the whisper, the second girl?” Obviously he was talking to me.

“Yes, I hear.” I said.

“And what is it like?” mocked a man. My friend went confused so did I. “It… It sounds like a ghost whisper,” I said.

“Really? Interesting…”

I looked at my girlfriend. “It’s okay,” said her eyes, “we are together we will get out of it.”

“What’s interesting have you found,” Lena asked in a little bit rude manner. I couldn’t blame her. It was naturally for Lena. Besides, I also felt myself losing control.

“Interesting, because there are some legends about the forest soul,” said a man with his broken voice.

“What?” Asked I. Somehow forest became even darker for me. The way became tighter I thought. The wind whispered “be prepared” but be prepared for what?

“Forest souls. You know all about this legends about mavka, and fairy?”

“Yes…” I answered confused.

“Well, some of people that gets lost in woods, tells lately that they hear some whispers. Don’t mind that. It’s just talks.”

“If it’s a way to make us feel better, you failed” noticed Lena. A man didn’t answered. So we walked and walked. I hold Lena’s hand where she was holding my. “We are together, we won’t leave each other. Not now.” The start made me feel better but not for a long.

“Well, here we are,” said a man. Now his voice wasn’t even close to that soft and warm one. I found ourselves in, probably, the darkest place I’ve been trees around us were like a kind of a black wall. Not a spot of light was showing there. The wind was literally screaming, “Run!” We saw two doors beside a man.

“You have lost,” he said with a scary intonation. “Now you have to choose.” The doors were the same.

“One will free you, one will leave you there.”

“That whispers…” added Lena. “They close wrong.”

I looked at Lena.

“No,” I said.


“No. You want us to choose. One will choose right, one – wrong.”

“Correct,” he smiled crisply.

“And we won’t,” added Lena. She understood me.

“We won’t be separate,” I said. “We came together, will go together.”

Man stop smiling. He broke and broke and then simply disappeared. And we saw the light.