You wake up in prison, but you don’t belong there. How do you escape?

Valeria Shekhanina

Today is 19 January of 2038. This day is the day of my birthday. I’m 38. And my name is Valeria. You can think that this day is the most happy day in my life. Yes, you’re right. But not today. Do you want to know why? As I understand if you ask me about it, I can say that 19 January of 2038 is the most terrible day. It is so strange, I know. But I waked up in the prison. Do you understand me? I slept at home with my husband, but I’m in this scary prison. When I opened my eyes, I saw dirty and dark walls. There is only one little window. The sunlight goes through it. My room has not very big size. It’s so dark and without sun. You can’t find lamps here. Because there are only bed, toilet, and a mirror too. Oh I forgot to tell about the place where I can wash my face, brush my teeth. This room in the prison isn’t comfortable and cosy. I don’t understand. I’m alone here. And my door is strong. I can’t go out if I will wish. Who will help me. I’m not a child, I’m woman, but I want to cry. Why am I here? Who will answer my question? I’m hungry. I want to drink a water. I miss my family. Where are they? I want to them, to my home. The main is don’t worry. I’m a clever and ingenuity woman. If I need I will find an enter. Nobody won’t stop me. The time comes. I must create something. In that moment I remembered all detectives, all movies and books. This prison is situated on the rock. Nar the rock is the sea. Why? Because there are only very dangerous people set in this prison. So, I tried to open the door. But I can’t. During few hours an old man brought a lunch for me. I asked him why I’m here. He was shy and that man didn’t answer. In the evening I listened loud sounds from my neighboring room. I guessed it was my unhappy neighbor. And do you know what did he make? In the other day he broke the wall and came into my room. It seemed to me, that he is very brave. This man was an old, but clever and he had a good education. Maybe he was a scientist. All people thought this man was crazy. He talked about his money all time. I can’t understand him. We were friend there, but he had died soon. I cried. I forgot to say his name. He called Frank. Frank was kind, polite, and friendly. He left a letter for me which consisted an address of his gold. It was an island. When my friend died I conceived an idea. My prison had a tradition. When somebody died, they gave this person in the water. So I decided to become Frank. I went to his room and lie in his bed. Doctors didn’t look at me. And I was gave to fishes. And you know, I like to swim. I remembered as I swimmed in the river with my father in my childhood. When I was in that sea I swimmed for a long time, and I’m tired. But I saw a boat with fishmen. I was helped.