If you could have any superpower what would it be and how would you use it?

Hasmik Kostandyan, Kapan

If I could have any superpower I shall make a machine of the time. If I can make that interesting machine I can go to 10,000 years ago and I can see the world at that time. I think that at that time peoples would be like at the monkeys and they could not wear any nice cloths because they couldn’t know that they could wear any cloths. They allways might kill animals and ate their meet. I think that the life of that peoples was very interesting and dangerouse because they had to fight with big animals like dinosavers, and they could not spoke very well, because they were not very clever. But on the other hund I think that the nature of that time would be very nice. At that time peoples couldn’t have any telephones and computers and I think that their life was very bad, at first they couldn’t play computer games, and I think that the life without internet and computer or telephone is very boring. But if I had a machine of time I could go to 210,000 years after of our life. I think that at that time peoples will live at Mars too.

And it is a joke that at Mars peoples can eat much Mars. But I think that Mars will be make of chocolate, and it will be very tasty houses at Mars. I think that at that time there will be robots and that robots will help people and they will be many computers and at that time pupils must not go to school, because that computers will be their teachers at that time and they can play all day. They will not think about lessons and about that, that their mothers can be angry, because they won’t do their lessons.