You have a hat with strange powers. What happens when you put it on?

Anahit nazlukhanyan (vanadzor)

This day I am the magic country.

One day I go shopping. I want to buy a buteful hat. I see a market but after I don’t see this market. I move and ask “How much this hat”. She tells “this hat is 20 dolers”. I am buying this hat. I go to home and I want to it on my head. At the moment I it on my head. I go to the kitchen. I want to drink juice but I don’t have juice. At the moment the hat magic and I see that there is a cup of juice on the table. I am very happy. I tell the hat “I want to fly in the sky”. The hat is magic and I go outdoors and see a magic car. I seat and drive the car. I fly in the sky. In the ivning I come home. I don’t do my homework. I want that the hat does my homework. At 11 o’clock I go to bed. After that I sleep, I put my hat on the table.

In the morning I get up and I don’t found my hat. I look everywhere but I don’t found it. My mother come to home and tells “Your sister put your hat because it is very beuitiful” I wear my cloths and go to my sister’s house. I move and put the hat. We are bit. And I throuth the hat into the window. We don’t found it. I am very sad because I don’t found my hat.