You’re on a hike in the forest when the trees start talking to you! What do they
say and what do you do?

Aya Rachidi

I remember it like it was yesterday. The tears streaming down my face, glistening like stars as they fell on the crimson snow, stained from the blood gushing from my open wound. I was in pain, nerve-wrecking, blinding pain. I felt my life slipping away from my weak grasp…The last thing I remember from that day were its eyes. They were red, just like the blood draining from my veins, with a deadly look. And then….Darkness.

It’s a miracle I’m still alive, but how this all came to be, we shall have to go back, to when I was a young girl, still living with her family. We were on vacation, a vacation in the woods. I still remember the joy and happiness I experienced, the cool, bark scented air, the green grass studded with morning dew, glistening like a thousand diamonds. The blue sky filled with serenade, of the songbirds, and the animals, oh such wonderful animals, deer, squirrels, foxes, rabbits. and other such wonderful creatures All was well, untill the night of the third day. I remember, that’s when it all started. The whispering, the trees, they were whispering. Trees grow to be very old, and very wise, from what I’ve learned that night, and they had many tales to tell, and I heard them. They were whispering, whispering to me, to listen, for that night under the black sky studded with diamonds we call stars, they told me a story, a story of centuries old, the story of the wolf and the deer.

There were once a man and a woman. They were madly in love and such a perfect couple. It was as if they were born to be one. All was well, until tragedy struck, for death had taken them both. As they parted from their fragile bodies, they prayed to be reunited in their next life. The woman reborn as a deer, the man, a wolf. But, miraculousely; they broke the iron laws of nature and still loved one another. But, breaking the laws of nature comes with a price. Soon, darkness came and possessed the wolf, reducing him to his most basic primal instinct.


Kill anything that is food, kill anything that can breath, KILL EVERYTHING!

The young deer died in the very spot I was sitting. And then they warned me. The trees warned me that the dark wolf is still alive and nursing his bloodlust when the chance is there, and I was lucky he hasn’t found us yet. They told me to leave this place immediately, for certain death soon awaits me. Luckily me and my family were leaving soon, so I escaped alive. But as I grew older, I also grew skeptical, so I commited the mistake that nearly took my life. How did I get saved, I don’t know, but next to that dark shape I saw something else, a golden silhouette the shape of a deer.