You are a kid’s imaginary friend, but you find yourself slowly fading away as they grow older.

Angelina Serobyan

I want to tell you a little story about a beautiful times with a little girl.

Sinse birthday that girl never saw the light. When she born, the doctors said that they little girls is blind. Her parents wanted to do everything for her. They also brought many toyes, take her into beautiful plases and explane her everything, because they wanted to show her The Light. Her name was Tale, she was really like a little tale.

She played with toyes all the day, but to see them stayed the dream. Then the Little Tale started to create me. I wasn’t the usual imaginative friend for her. She couldn’t saw the Earth with her eyes, so she made her own. And I was the first resident in that new fantastic world.

I can’t saw what I was look like. I wasn’t like animal, or toyes, because she never saw it. Maybe I was a little like a spoilt potato or like a bakteria, but I was Tale’s best friend.

I also told her about a real life, we danced together, played, and I remember how she liked my little bag, in which I had everything that she dreamt about, and the beautiful song about friends, that we liked to sing together. I was the only light in her darkest Earth. I don’t know which colour I was, but that she saw me in dark, it mean I was lightly.

Then past years, we had beautiful times together. I loved her, and never dream that one day I can leave her, or live without her.

But there were one day, that I don’t know what happened, maybe she forgot me, but I know the one thing, that I started to slowly fading away. I missed her. I wanted to cry, but my tears was like a candyes, that Tale loved, and ate it all the times. I worry, I don’t know what to do, she wasn’t there and when I wanted to wait her, I understand how I’m disappearing.

But after some monthes, I fell a little smile first I don’t understand what it was but then I feel that Tale remember me again but not like the outher times, I saw me more beautifull, more colourful, because it was the first time that Tale saw me.

In that long time she had a surgery, and now she can saw the light, saw the Earth. I desapear again, but in this time forever. And that dark world in her mind started to get colourfull and with many new things. That big world was more beautiful then all kid’s imaginative lifes, because she create it with her mind, not only with eyes.

My beautiful story shows that the most beautiful things in this world you can’t see with eyes, you need just feel it.