Write about a normal day in the year 4000.

Ani Gevorgyan

I have always had a dream to see the future / and live there for a /, not what I will become within 5-10 years, but what I cannot experience a thousand or more years after my generation. Creating a time machine was the most crazy idea I ever had. People would not believe in me or in the existance of future. I work over and over but I did not succeed. I was super disappointed about myself and gave the dream of going to the future up. For years I did not even wanted to hear about time machine which I had imagined to be the same way as in the movie called “Back to the future”, but one day something really extraordinary happened. I met the person from the movie, the one who created the machine. I told myself that it was not possible! Yt, while I was thinking that I found my self talking with the special man.

  • I know you! – I said shoutig at him with my big opened eyes and not believing in them.
  • And I know you, Ani!, – he said, – I am here to help you realize your dream. The dream to see the future.

At that moment, I did not know what to think. I thought I was sure that everything was in my my head, just a little dramatic moment, but suddently I felt pinch a long with someone saying:

“This is not a dream or anything like it. This is your reality.”

I didn’t find any other word but “agree”.

“I agree to see the future”

On this words the Doctor X, which is what I call him for this moment, asked me:

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I have wanted it so much,” was my answer.

“Okay. We have only one day”

“Even a glance would be enough for me”, – I said and got into the future machine.

We went to 4000. I couldn’t wait to get there, but when I did I did not see what I had expected for a really long time. Instead of big cities and outstanding skyscrapers there were deserts everywhere. No flowers no birds, no smiling people.

We walked down the street and there were children hungry and sick. There was no drinking water. People were living in polutation, breathing dust instead of fresh air. During that one day I did not know what to do, how to change something for the people of 4000 year. I asked some people how I would held them and they sadly said: “You cannot change our past. We live this terrible life because of our ancestors. They abused our planet and distroyed the planet without thinking that there are other generations that are going to come.”

I did not know what to say to give her a hope but when we came back to 2018 we I knew what was going to be my mission for future.

Doctor X and I departed after he told me that “future is in my hands”. I know it and what I was going to do.

Since the day in 4000 I have always encourage people to take care of our planet, reduce the polutation and appreciate the mother planet which not only belongs to us but also our future generations.

You are the one who can make you environment better and give a chance people in 4000 to enjoy the beauty of nature, too.