There are two boxes in a room. Inside one box is the best thing in life, inside the other box, the worst. What is in each of the two boxes? Describe them.

Hasmik Vardanyan

Once there was a large room. INside there you could see a lot of souls and cells. Each cell had it’s own colour. They were ready to create the best and the worst things. There were a lot of boxes in it : the box of sadness, the box of happiness, the box of hope and the box of killing. Cells and souls had to choose the 2 best and the worst things in the world. When they wanted to open the 2 unusual boxes, the time appeared and obstracted them. The cell of happiness started to ask question to the time: “Dear time, why do you not want to help me and my friends. Why do you want to obstract us.”

,,Oh, what a wonderful question, answered the time.” I am created by the God and I just must pass and pass.”

“But why? Why are you so cruel?

“I’m not cruel, dear” answered time and appeared inside the walls.

Happiness decided to open the box, maybe there are a lot of Times. And he opened one box.

“Oh my God, are you here, my friend?

“Yes, my dear, whispered the verb to live.”

How many years I can’t see you because of our enemies. And at that moment sadness opened the other box.

“Oh, my cruel friend, you come to kill our enemies.

“Yes, answered the verb ,,to kill”

The verb ,,to live” had pink eyes, large smile, deep gaze.

The verb ,,to kill” had cruel and merciless soul. When the boxes opened, they started to beat each other, at once. They were arguing. All the time. All cells just wanted to unite, just wanted to see the 2 not similar verbs again together. In a few minutes passed and there was an explosion. After the explosion the walls were covered by happy and sad cells.

And now, too, people can’t divide these 2 words. They are arguing just now, the verb ,,to live” and his brother ,,to kill” Yes, the best things in the world is the verb ,,to live” and the worst thing is the verb ,,to kill”.