A group of tall aliens appears in the United Nations building claiming they have the technology to solve world hunger and end war. They say they come in peace. Do you trust them? What happens next?

Anush Hakobyan

We all know that there a lot of storys about aliens and no one knows weather it is true or not. But here is a story that for you might be unbelievable, but you know it is true.

My story began two or three million years ago in a far-far country called “United Nations”. Of cours you will say that it’s not a country, but trust me I know better than you do. So two or tree million years ago it was country.

That time I was a person who could do everything. I was the one who had iphone, though, nobady knew that there would be such thing. That time I was trying to answer the question, which still has no answer. So the question was: “Wheater there are aliens or not!” I believed that there were.

Once I decided to make a machin, which would help me to contact with aliens. As you understood I wasn’t living in 21st centuary, so I didn’t have anything that could help me, ,so I made my super modern machin, of cours for that time, from what I called “Apchoc”. You are asking me what it is. Well it was a mixture of a fruit, which is now called apple and a sweet, called: chocolate. These two have unbelievable small and taste, and I new that aliens loved “Apchoc”. So one day, or as it is clear to say one night, when there was no one in the streets and only I was not sleeping, happened something strang. On the building of my labocave (which is a synonim to laboratory) I saw a strang, tall figure. By the way my labocave was called ‘UN’, it means United Nation. The figure was trying to enter the labocave and at the same time was singing a strange song.


He sung this song again and again, and as I didn’t knew words by alien, I just understood these two: “hunger and war”. I was too afraid, but decided to go there and see what he was doing.

I took all my aliend understanding tools, my apchoc, because I didn’t know how much I was going to stay there. So I also had a cloths in which I looked like a real alien, so I put on my cloths and went to the cave.

And what do you think, what happened next?

The alien noticed me. To tell the truth he was really beautiful alien of my age. So as I didn’t know what to do I just ofered him one of my apchochs.

He looked at me with a strange eyes and I was just thinking where to run, when he took the apchoc from my hands and swallowed. Than he took something from his pocket and put it into my hair. It was a little shining rose, which helped me to understand all the words that he was saying. And I understood that he had come to help me to solve different problems, such as hunger, death and wars. He showed me the world in which we live now and said that by the time it would become better and better, if I’ll trust him. I didn’t know what to do, but his eyes told me that I can trust him, so I trusted… And now all of us can see the results. We live, we breath, we have iphones and other modern staffs. And if you want to know how I could live so long, I would answer. My meeting with an alien gave me something more than just new world. He gave me new life, new thoughts, he made me undeathable which means that I will live forever and besides I felt in love with a qute, smart and kind alien and I’m still living with him.

I would never forget the night of our meeting, his eyes and his scarying breath. I would never forget the red rose, which he gave me…

You think that is not true? Than you don’t have fantasy and trust, because I believe in what I write… I hope you too.