Describe a future where robots have taken over the world.

Liana Matinyan

Wow we are liveing in real world with internet. And we can’t imagine what will happen without internet facebook tweeter, and other websites.

So I’m going to tell you what will happen after 10 years.

After 10 years everyone have an I phone 100th. The fastest internet and it is virtual reality. Everywhere are tecnologies, robots. People don’t know whats in reality nobody saw each other’s real face but once.

Anny’s phone was brocked what was impossible for that time. When she got up her head she saw everybody are walking with down looking eyes. No one see each other’s face. She was shoked. The robot Ek. 227 asked her didn’t she want to change smartphone. She couldn’t see nothing pecause of problems with eyes but she answered “no” robot got angry, his eyes become to red color, he asked one more time the same cuastion. And when An told her the same answer he told another robots to eath her. An was running but she couldn’t run faster then robots. She was yelling but nobody lisened.

The next day she opened her eyes and saw that she is not alone. There are more kids sitting in that sell. She were surprized. Everyone told that they are there because they didn’t whant to countinue virtual life. Few minutes later came robot Ek.227 and gave them some sushi to eat and told that anyone who whants to countinue live in virtuality can get out. No one whants to do that.

-We have to agree with virtuality

-No!- told Jack. – We can’t.

– Let me say please. – told Ann

– so…- told Jack

– We will get out from here send sms people to look upthey will see what’s going on and they will stop. – told An.

– You are so clever

That time one robot was beside the door and was listening everything but nobody saw him.

Next day when they agreed and came out sms’s part was bloked. They didn’t know what to do.

-OH NO! told Ann

-what can we do?- told Jack.

– I don’t know. – told Ann

– Who told them? – asked Jack

-Ok. Without panic! – Ann

There was a building for robots so Ann told

-We have to turn of electroenergy and they will broke.

It was very denjeorous to come to that building, there were bocking robots to the made real that idia. When there were no alife robots they stand up high and shoutet look up.

Everyone saw what is going on it was horrible and from that day Ann become a hero and real life was back.