On your way to school you meet a dragon. The dragon is lost and you decide to
spend your day with him. Describe your day with the dragon.

Eva Papikyan

A day in a different dimension

I woke up thinking it would another normal , and dreadful, day at school. Boy, was I wrong! I walked to school today, for some reason, and on my way there, I find a ligitimate DRAGON! What the actual HECK! It was a blue dragon, actually, and it was TALKING to ME! However it was a baby and it was crying. So I casually start asking her il she was okay. She replied:

  • No I’m lost, could you help me find my dimension?
  • Dimension? I ask, puzzled
  • That’s a yes for me!

She had an aqua blue crystal on her forehead and it starts glowing out of nowhere! Then a portal opens up and she PUSHES ME IN! Then she casually goes through the porta. She sais

  • Don’t worry you won’t be late! She sais, cheerfully.
  • That is the LEAST of my worries! I say, inraged.
  • Also my name is Azur just so you know!


I sigh, but then I look up. I was standing in a candy dimension! The clouds and grass were cotton candy, the trees were lolipops, the water was Coke, bubblegum, candy canes, gingerbread, chocolate, everything!

  • This isn’t my home. Said Azur.

Another portal opened up and she dragged me to Hell. Many fire and blood dragons there.

  • Nope! She said.

We walked into another portal. We were in a forest with a lot of Nature dragons.

  • Ugh, no! She said.

The next dimension was in the sky, there were many air and wind dragons there.

  • Fifth times the charm!

And indeed it is.

  • Home! She screamed filled with joy. Mom I’m home.

Her mother was a majestic, and huge, dragon with mine crystals.

  • Oh, Azur, what were you thinking! Her mother said.
  • It’s okay mom, I’m home now! Azur said, in a bittersweet tone. Mama, I… I… I want to stay with the human!
  • What! Me and her mother screamed in unisun.
  • You want to stay, with ME?! I said, clearly shocked.
  • Yes! Azur said.
  • I will allow it. The mother said.

The mother sighed.

  • Oh, thank you! Azur said, rejoyced.

And from then on she stayed with me, as my pet, partner and friend.