If you were the leader of your country (President, Prime Minister, Queen, etc.),
what are three laws you would create for your people? Why did you choose these three?

Asya Kara-Gevorgyan

Living in a small country like Armenia, can be a real challenge sometimes. Everything and everyone are functioning based on the old rules, dogmas that have been created years before todays generation was even born. What makes everything worse is the fear people have of breaking those “laws”. The fear that has put the whole nation in this dark and ugly cage.

It’s fair to say that the whining, crying, and complaining has also played a “great” role in making the life a real struggle for us. There are many nations & countries that are even worse condition but they still have faith & and dream to get to a brighter future. So what makes armenians different what makes my Armenia lose hope? The answer is “The leaders”.

Imagine a country in the middle of 4 different countries with no good leaders to show the right path. When the said rules are being broken over and over again by those who are supposed to be an example to the whole. Everything else kind of stops functioning the right way. Then it comes the time to dream about changing everything yourself.

Something is about to happen to me, my dear reader.

The experience you get from travellng and having new doors open in front of you, shows you just what exactly you have been missing from the very beginning. It shows you, proves to you just how amazing life can be is everyone does what they are destined to, without trying to harm the other. In our case, the whole Armenia.

If I had the chance to be the prime-minister of Armenia, I would have changed a lot. Starting from the medical insurance, to the educational system. But, as in every place and situation, there are 3 main things that should be done immediately same is here. My three major laws would be aimed at changing not only the way people of Armenia live but also how they think.

My first law would be to band the migration to Russia (specifically.), and create places where people would be able to work and earn at least minimum amounts to live. This can be a hell of a hard thing to so, considering the fact that some might thing there are no natural resources or any type of change many to build it all, but whey I get every house & restaurant and the horsehouse in Yerevan sold, and have some politicians pay their taxes, everything will be possible.

My second law is more about giving the younger generation (especially young women) a chance to work, earn money, and become the writer of their own life story. I would let every person the right to work, without worrying about having to bribe people, or asking a relative for a favor. If you are a 14 year old armenian girl, who is in middle school, with no diploma as a degree and want to work at a library, then you will be only encouraged to do so. No fear, no tear. Just hardwork and positivity.

My third and last major law would focus on the education. It’s such a shame to be a part of what our people consider a well-organized educational system. This is not working towards giving the students what they would trully need to understand, create and live life. I would give the students a chance to use their brain for the right purpose. I would let them travel and see what is missing in other parts of Armenia & add the missing thing in their own community.

My new educational system/plan would let them read more new author’s stories. let them have teachers who would know what they are teaching, know what their subject is about and understand how they can change the lives of their students by standing in front of them and talking. From my personal experience, I know how important it is to have a role model. How life changing it can be to have someone to look up to in life. Someone, that will help them find what they have been lack of and become the person they are destined to be.

Everything starts from the family & school. So having a well-established school is an esseninoel part for every civilized country (which I hope Armenia will get the chance to be).

And lastly, I would make an important part of the law the part of changing the old-fashioned books, by adding new ones. The meaning of this would be more accepting, understanding tolerant, positive, and less judjmental and old-fashioned. I think more about these things and try to understand and see the world around us.

So, as I said before, the old rules & thinking that we are so in, will not help us become what we can, what we are supposed to be.

My ideal Armenia is better than this. My Armenia is more educated than this. My Armenians are more accepting than this. I want to break this cage and let the phoenix out. let it rebord and become a more powerful, more beautiful, more strong creature than ever before.

In conclusion, Live, Love, Dream, and Act”!