Instead of the oceans covering the earth, forests are in their place, making it possible to walk from continent to continent. Like oceans, they get deeper, darker, and more dangerous the further you go. You travel through one of these “oceans.” What do you see?

Nara Harutyunyan

There is fear in my heart and widespread distrust what will be happened in the next moment.

I am shaking with my all being like deer who realise that blockaded in the small area. I don’t feel the soil under my foot… where is the force of gravity?

There is thick dark… so thick that it seems to me that I could touch it. I feel the weight of the darkness in my shoulder.

You know the darkness of forest has smell. The small is complex. It is difficult to differentiate the small of moist soil or the small of the roots of old tree.

The symphony of darkness sounds in my ear, sound of human and animal fear.

Two more distrust steps and here is small glimse of sunshine which just scream out through dense branches.

O my God… I feel the life in my face, in my heart. I am alive.