You find yourself locked inside an old abandoned building. How did you get
there? How do you get out?

Gevorg Ghulyan

I remember this terrible day…it was the worst moments in my life. I remember every feel, every fear…I can’t sleep at nights after this accident.

It was an ordinary day, I thought. I couldn’t open my eyes. I wanted to shout but I didn’t listen my own voice.

Finnally I opened my eyes and understood that I am nowhere. It was so dark in this place.

– Perfect- shouted I- I woke up in the darkest and the most strung room in the world. I looked around, my eyes adapted and now I could see some items. I saw pictures, expensive things and so on. It was a rich room of a royal family’s mansion. Suddenly I heard a voice.

This voice was so familiar, so usual. It was my voice…

-Do you remember me. I am part of you, I am your better side. I saw a beautiful girl in front of me, with a bunch of white roses. She looked at me with the most beautiful smile in the world. Her face was shining. I was shocked. Any minutes we were looking at each other. One minute more and she dissappeared.

I went on and saw an elegant, royal lady with a bunch of sluggish, black roses.

-I am your dark side, honey- sad the lady in black with an attractive smile- I am your best side!

She was laughing like the damon, but her evil look was so cute, so cool, so…attractive. Soon she dissappeared too.

Finnally I understood that I have an illness- Dissociative identity disorder. I knew all my life, that once my illness will start, but it was soo fast. I saw all my fears in this room, I searched an exit, but unsuccessfully.

Finnally I understood that I must live with thisfeels and I understood the most important.

-I am in my own mind!

My illness helped my other sides to appear. They were part of me and I must agreed this fact and respect them. I understood that they are my body’s owners too.

Suddenly the light was on. I could see everything. My copys looked at me the last time with a smile.

I wake up and listened

-Good morning lady Esmerelda. It’s your brecfast. How did you sleep?