If you could change one thing about the world what would it be? Why?

Anush Safaryan, Gegharkunik region, Vardenik village, School # 2

One day I met a god and he said that I would change one thing in the world. At first I want to give happiness to the whole world. I imagine how beautiful world would become if all people would be happy. They all becamer cleverer, smiler. But when I think more I understand that our world is beautiful like this and if everyone were happy we can’t know what is sad and can’t understand happiness. When we have problems and after that become happy we recognize it more. I like this world like it is and if anything changes in it, it wouldn’t be mine and I live there like guest. Everyone know that if we are guest we can’t feel us like in our house. Our life is hard, we live with our problems that never had end. But if we want we can change it to good.

My life is beautiful, I like it like this, I would change nothing in it. When God listen my anser, he said that it is right answer, from that day he will do nothing in the world and when I want to come back he went to bed for 200 years.