You bolt awake but you’re not immediately sure what awakened you. You
fumble for your cell phone to check the time, but as you reach for the bedside
table, your hand passes through it as if it were mist. After a moment…

Hasmik Vardanyan

Once upon a time, there was a world filled with love, peace, and harmony. People breathed the pieces of oxygen and then they became lithe and alert. Horizontally, they opened their eyes, they became drowsy, they smiled and lived. All the people from the other planet got surprised by seeing such kind of ease in human’s eyes. Incidently, they became happy, joyful. What was the key of this kind of happiness. They jey was kept in people’s brain. But for opening the doors of life, people had the Application entitles like “No rules” in their brain. One could just wander along the long streets, the other could just go shops and buy whatever he wanted. It seemed that the air was filled with joy, but as in human’s life, there was the other side of the world: satire, evil, murderers and wars. So the world was separated into 2 large parts: the part of peace and harmony, and the part of evil. They had their traditional colors, the worn a simple dress with beads, they had simple eyes, but filled with light, which glowed like a sun. But this was for the land of peace and harmony. The white was heeded in people’s minds and eyes. They walked slowly, they didn’t fight with each other, there were no injuries, no bad things even in their hearts. But for the land of evil, there was a pot of black colour even in the yards and people drunk that black water with love. Earnestly, they were the friends of evil. They hate even themselves. They were the enemies of their souls. There was a cup of kindness only in their dreams. When they saw a man of goodness, they became stressed, they had nausea. There was only a lunatic who was such a kind person, but nobody killed her because of that. The madman wandered under the earth, then mounted the stairs of sky, step by step. Gradually, he understood that he was in a border of two lands. He was flying on the trapeze by seing the beautiful and kind people. “Oh, look, our enemy has come to see us”, cried a little man from chamber. He run to the chamber of the president and told that he had seen a lunatic flying on the tapeze. There was a pause, a kind of pause with eternity. Suddenly, there came the president of fairness, then the president of goodness, then all the people of the “harmonie” land. A man played harmonica in the corner of the room for harmony. “Was that dream? Little boy.” “No, I have seen a man, a man of black, a man of evil”. All the whites run after little boy and suddenly they saw the light of black. The sky thundered, the animals were coloured with black, because they were too weak to destroy the strength of the black. Suddenly, the lunatic jumped up from the trapeze and said in a gently voice. “I had a life of eternity, eternity in black, eternity in sobre, but I just want to say that there is a world with rules. This is a chaos, we and you, the 2 lands, peace and harmony and the evil can reunite and create a new world.” He is a lunatic” said a human-being. “He is a crazy”, said the another one. “Yes, I am a lunatic of life and I want to all of you to catch the meaning of my words. All of you had jobs, different kinds of jobs, jobs for spreading love, jobs for kindness, jobs for painting white. But, we, the blacks, do not have such kinds of jobs, we just struggle to become more and more evil. I had a father of harmony from your land and he advised me to become while, like you. We cannot be deathless. The universe became mad from us. The Whites decided to believe him. When the great sky was opened, sky weeped and there was a roar. The Whites and The Blacks were reunited. Incidently, everything has changed. The supermarket appeared, the shops appeared. In the corner of the street there was a wanderer who sing all the time. There was a car accident in a village. A woman took her daughter dancing. Life became ordinary. But, there were not the Blacks and the Whites at all. At length, the lunatic saw him in an ordinary dress. He was a human-being and he lived with rules. The key of being happy is just to live, (life itself.) Life without rules is a kind of mysterious chaos. Taking account all the things, people should live life properly. Life is a bag of secrets and rules. We just should try to take out a thing for a day, that is live equally. To be a human-being is a great competition for that human, for the souls of your brain. Just try to be a rival for your body and soul and then you will win….