You discover that you and your life are actually someone else’s dream. Whose
dream is it? What will you do with this knowledge?

Elen Baghdasaryan

Once I woke up realizing that I don’t live only in reality but also in one’s mind in one’s dreams. I went to the university suspecting everyone I looked at. And I learnt that I can read anyone’s minds and I can watch their dreams as a real movie. The first thing I did was watching my crush;s dreams and there were all about videogames and so on. I sighed and rolled my eyes with disappointment.

During the lessons I couldn’t concentrate. I wanted to watch everyone’s dreams. I tried to read my lecturer’s thoughts. Everything she asked I answered correctly, but in reality I didn’t like it so much, as I knew I wouldn’t learn anything anymore. I thought I was going crazy. I went outside, I looked around and almost crying I ran away. I don’t really remember what happened then…i only remember the moment I opened my eyes and saw someone looking right into my eyes. I was frightend, I cried and ask who it was. It was a funny boy just smiling at me. I cried,

“Where am I? Who are you? What’s going on? What…” and he interupted me, saying “Oh, oh, keep calm, it’s okay, it’s fine. You are safe and you are with the people like you/ people who live here have something supernatural abilitis.” I think anyone can guess my reaction, my face, the way how I looked at that boy and so on. I stood up at once and said that I was going back.

“Hey! What are you doing. It’s not safe for you to go outside now. at first you should learn how to control you and your power. And, by the way, what’s your supernatural ability?” He was peaking so calmly and so…I don’t even know how to describe it… To put in a nutchel I believed him and told him my story. And we were speaking so friendly, it was like we knew each other all the times in our life. I asked him “So what’s your power?”, and he answered “I feel when someone in=s in trouble if that person is near me. I saw you running and I felt that you are in trouble and also felt that you’re as special as me.”

We talked all night, it appeared that we have very common hobbies, and it was really a pleasure to talk to him. The next day I got accouted to the rest of those special people. I learnt that everyone had a mition in their life, and after complating their mission they stope being supernatural. There was a room where I must go in…I entered, the room was dark and empty, and I heard voice.

“Do you know why you’re here?”

“Hm…I’m…hh…no?! No! I think I don’t know.” I said

“This morning you have woken up realizing a great fact about you. The fact that you also live in someone’s mind, and you wanted to find that person.” said the voice.

“Oh, yes, right, it is! But I don’t know how to find him or her, I know nothing!” I answered.

The voice said it’s last words “Trust and believe the man who brought you here. You both should complete your missions.” I tried to ask other things but there was no answer.

When I went out of that room, the boy (whose name was Jack) was smiling at me as then. And he said “Now you know everything. My mission is to find you and help you to complete your mission. And after doing it, we’ll be normal people as then.”

So…I’m here, I’ve found you, little girl. I know that I live in your mind and dreams. And I’ve told you all my story, now you should think only about yourself, and have your real goals and resolutions. You’ll be a very smart, beautiful, and lucky lady in future so “start living without me”. After leaving you I’ll lose my power and I’ll have my first real date with Jack, I think we life each other very much. So, bye, dear Sophie, I love you, I believe you and I’ll remember you and this story forever. Goodbye.