Write about your worst hello and your favorite goodbye.

Angin Varosyan

Hello world, hello my morning, hello my family, hello my kids, hello my pupils, hello my job, hello my day, hello my friends. Hello…The first word you’re going to pronounce after getting up from a well-slept or a sleepless night. The first word you’re going to pronounce with a hearty smile, with love, with kindness, with hopes and with bright expectations.

It’s a word that you’re ready to pronounce hundreds of times without getting tired of it. It’s one of the unique words that you pronounce with great pleasure again and again. But it’s a word that you don’t want to pronounce to him: to the shadow standing there. You know that every day the minute will come and you’ll have to pronounce that word to the shadow standing there like a statue. You don’t want say hello but you have to. And pronouncing that hello is the worst hello of my day. I’m ashamed to confess it but it’s like passing acrross a dirty river when the minute comes and I have to say hello to him.

…Goodbye world, goodbye my day, goodbye my family, goodbye my kids, goodbye my pupils, goodbye my job…Goodbye… It’s the last word that I pronounce during my day and get ready to meet my either well-slept or sleepless night. It’s the word that I pronounce hundreds of times a day, with a smile, of course, but not with a happy one. I pronounce it with sadness, being sorry that I have to say it to my dear, to my beloved ones, to my meaningful affairs, but I pronounce it again with hopes and great expectations for the coming morning and the meaningful chain of coming deals…From time to time I pronounce the word “goodbye” with pain realising that I’ll not be able to say hello to them for a long period of time…But… There is a goodbye in my life that I pronounce with great pleasure, with a light sigh, with a hearty smile. It’s the goodbye I tell her, knowing that I’ll be in peace for a certain period of time, I’ll live without cheap conflicts for some time. So it’s my best goodbye.

He and she make my life a bit difficult but there are such he-s and she-s in everyone’s life. Let’s remember that there are much more he-s and she-s in our life that make us happy and what’s the most important thing in life: let’s try to be such a he or such a she that people will not face a difficulty to say us “hello” and they won’t get pleasure to say us “goodbye”.