You and your family have been chosen to host Earth’s first visitor from outer
space: an alien. They are your age and will go to school with you. Write about your day.

Anastasia Bezhanidze

Dear diary,

Sorry I couldn’t fill you for a while: I had a hectic day! You won’t believe what happened! It was a normal day in Bezhanidze Family, when mom received a call. It was NASA! It turned out that our city governor told them that we’re the most trustworthy and reliable family in the whole town, so we had the honor to host… guess who? Aliens! Real ones! Our family was frozen, before my dad exclaimed that this is fascinating. I said that it was a big honor and I would be happy to greet them without any objections but it turned out that I was silent all the tie. We were told to meet them at 2 o’clock in the airport. Mom and dad made banners, saying: “Aliens! We’re here to host you!”

Of course I was embarrassed! Who wouldn’t be! Everyone was staring at us! I was in deep thoughts (that included staring at the wall and drooling a bit) when they arived. It was two of them and they were nothing like they were described in the movies. They were my tall. Their body was sea blue and their hair was sand coloured. Their faces were heart shaped, eyes oval. Umm, they looked quite normal for aliens! They were confused at first but then they saw our banners and went straight forward to us.

  • Hi! My name is Jill and this is my bloop, Jack – said one of them.
  • Nice to meet you, Jack and Jill! – my dad said, shaking their hands.
  • Erm… H-Hi! I’m Anna! Welcome to Earth – I muttered.

Mom persuaded me to sit with them, so I was sitting between J&J the whole way home. They kept talking about seeing their favorite movies, books etc in me.

That day was quite normal after. We went sightseeing and “guested strange wet beings” (aquarium). Jack and Jill decided to sleep with me so mom made their beds up.

The next day, we went to school. J&J camouflaged themselves, so no one would tease them. High school, you know. To nobody’s surprise, their favorite supject was astronomy and science. While being in cafeteria, they yelled:

  • Whoa whoa! We can see your feelings! Who’s that boy?

Gosh. I have no doubts that I looked exactly like my dad when his favorite rugby team lost. Other words, red as hell.

  • Sh! – I shushed them – guys silent! Oh, I’ll tell you but keep your mouths shut!
  • Nervino! – they said at the same time.
  • What?
  • Oh, it’s like pinky promise in your language.
  • Look over there – I pointed, – he’s sitting right there!
  • Oh, he’s handsome – said Jill.
  • I know right? – my cheeks were still burning red.

Later, we went home, prepared our homeworks and played truth or dare.

  • Jack, I dare you to lick your elbow!

Jack did that without any objections. I gasped and clapped in honour.

  • Do you even know that only 1% of the whole population of Earth can do that?
  • And in Olhogard, only 1% can’t do that.

I was about to say something, when mom’s voice payed my attention.

  • Anna, it’s time! You’ll be late!

Something started shaking me. Finaly, I stood up.

I needed a few seconds to realize what was happening. It turned out, that everything was just a good, believable dream.