Describe a future where robots have taken over the world.

Liza Vashadze

An Acsident

  • Oh… my… god, oh my god, how on earth did we manidge to do that? What will happen now? are they going to rebuit me? I don’t want to be a metal box? have you seen those? they’re so sad and ugly. I don’t want to be like that –

The robot started going on a rant to the girl beside her, as they stood in front of a burning building.

  • Hey, HEY, listen to me – the girl finally got the robot to calm down. – we can do a lot of thing to get out of this situation.
  • Like the last time? they are not going to let us go easy like that again.
  • well, we can always live in the ocean…?
  • was that a solution or a question? and plus I don’t want to be eaten by a killer wale. Can you amagin, me, the son of a first robot president eaten by a wale?
  • First of a killer wale, is not a wale, it’s a dolphin and second your reputation won’t matter, and lastly we will be in an under water house.
  • well that is not going to work, soooo…

The robot started looking everywhere but the eyes of the human.

  • What about moving? we can move to anywhere in the world; plus we can start a new lifes, and nobody will question us about it because we seem like a couple.

The human began to hit up and burn from standing so close to a burning building.

  • That will definitely not work, I’m a robot and you’re a human, everybody will thing we’re mad.

The robot rolled his human like eyes.

  • Dude it’s 2596 nobody cares about that, as long as your not my real boyfriend we’ll be good.
  • You’re saying I can’t be your boyfriend? you think I’m not good enof? I can definitely be the best boyfriend you ever had.
  • Yea, yea, youre going to be haruhi to my tamaki, aren’t you?
  • haruhi? Who the h… holiday spirits are they?
  • Are you kidding me? how can you not know about them? they’re like my favorite anime charectors? and here I thought we were friends?
  • Oh, they’re from that anime about skating? wright?
  • About skating? skating? that is Yuri on ice yo wallnot, the one I’m talking about it Ouren high school host club: you know the one with the catchy song and great charectors? it only lasted a season, way couldn’t they do a hole manga series? they were so good? I wish someone reminded everyone about anime, it’s been 500 years way are people still band from making them? They had such a gre…

robots hand covered girls mouth.

  • Okey we’re going of topic here, what are we going to do?
  • I… don’t know maybe they won’t nothis?
  • You realy belive that?
  • Yea, sure way not?
  • I don’t know Sherlock, beacous it’s the freaking WHITE HOUSE?
  • Well now it’s brown.
  • Shut up.
  • Don’t blame me I’m only trying to make everything better
  • stop it.
  • Hey if we’re going to jail, you’re the best human friend I ever had.
  • And you’re the only friend I ever had.
  • That’s because you watch anime and cry about fictional cherectors.
  • Shut up, you loveble pease of metal.
  • never, you moving flesh.