On your way to school you meet a dragon. The dragon is lost and you decide to
spend your day with him. Describe your day with the dragon.

Giorgi Kavtaradze

Two day’s ago when I went to schol I see big dragon everywan heet, him. I don’t like bed people, and than I come to a dragon and say don’t be scary I don’t hit you, you are my friend, I ask him what is your name. This dragon can talk, because he was magic dragon and say my name is John King I am lost you can help me? Yes, where are you live I live at Jongobongo’s mauntin. this mautin is bigest in the world. Yes I know about this mauntin, ok lats go. Firstiful we go to forest, forest was very dark and mysterious, there were animals but they don’t look like at ordinaly animals they want to eat our body but John dragon fight with they and wine because John was sport’s man, then we go to finde food to eat we were very hungre, we were fishing and 30 minet later we catch uo fish and eat hem it was very delicause, two day’s after we go away from forest and then I set at my dragon and we fly up at skay when came to sky there were small claud’s people they were very kinde and geve us a sweets and ice cream there was buiding everything with sweet’s with chocolate, there we saw chocolate river and Jump at river river was very delicause then we got to wash our body. then we sleep in cande’s hotel and at morning we say goodbay to our friend and go to Jongobongo’s mauntin and there a see biggest dragon in the world this dragon was John’s dad his name was bob and John’s Mam dai when he was babey Bob’s enemy kill his mam and nowadays John find his enemy to kill him. but he can’t find him, there we play with John we watch film’s, play computer and etsatra but I sink that my family be scary if I don’t go to home dragon say It don’t problem my friend take you family And come here, then my family and John’s family lives at Jongobong’s mountain, and this mauntin was very beautiful this mauntin was in sky everyday mauntin get bigger and bigger, and there was big river big forest and very beautiful flouvers It was very good.