The Write On! Competition is an international creative writing competition that encourages creativity and imagination in students’ writing.

Write On! is organized by U.S. Peace Corps volunteers. In no way do the contents of this website reflect the views and opinions of Peace Corps or the United States government. They belong to the participants and organizers alone.

Take a look through the website for the most recent national and international Write On! winning essays!

And you can check out our video from the 2015 competition:



The current Write On! International Committee, updating this website (hi!), coordinating Write On! competitions, and judging international Write On! winners, is:
Alex Wright (Peace Corps Georgia G18)
Alexis Zickafoose (Peace Corps Georgia G18)
Amanda Lundgren (Peace Corps Georgia G18)
Jenny Ma (Peace Corps Georgia G17)
Jon DiCandeloro (Peace Corps Georgia G18)
Mark DeMik (Peace Corps Georgia G17)
Matt Mitchell (Peace Corps Georgia G17)
Megan Willmes (Peace Corps Georgia G18)

To get involved, contact us at: writeoncompetition@gmail.com. Or comment below!



21 thoughts on “About”

  1. Pamela Watkins said:

    I am the Armenian chair of the 2015 Write On! Competition, so please but put me on your contact list for competition information. I’ve taken over from Kate Salasky, who ended her service in July.
    Thank You,

  2. anmol9410 said:

    Is this competition at the international level? Thanks :)

  3. 1.6.15

    To whom it may concern,

    Where can I find information concerning the 2015 Write On! Competition on this website. I would like to share the information with my counterparts at Bago City College.


    John E. Bowers
    Philippines PCV

  4. Pamela Watkins said:

    Hi International Coordinators,
    I’ve been asked an interesting question, and I would like your help in answering it. Here goes: We have had a great deal of interest in the Write On! Competition in Armenia. So I received a call from an Armenian teacher today, who teaches 9th, 10th, 11th graders at the International school in Yerevan. She would like to know if her students are eligible to participate? Are there restrictions on who can participate? I don’t really remember seeing anything. Please let me know as soon as possible.

  5. Hi! I’m just want to ask whether who or what organization or school shall be hosting the competition in the Philippines for this upcoming year. Thank you!! :)

  6. I would like to be involved as a Peace Corps Volunteer!

  7. Asma Amoussi said:

    Really . I am.so interested in writhing english alsl i ur competition

  8. What do the winners get?Is there any prize?

  9. Hello! My name is Anxhela Doko from Fier, Albania. I’ve been participateing in the Write On Competition since i was in the 6th grade. I have taken many certificates awards and look forward participateing in the competition every year. This year I won the first national place for the 9th graders. I took the national certificate and I am very grateful. But a few weeks after the announcement of the national winners I discovered that i was also the winner of the first place for the international competition. I asked the missionaries if I was going to get anything as a international winner and they replied negatively. I understand but the school of my dreams(a middle school, the best of my city) has offered me a scholarship if a have something to prove my wining(for example a winner certificate) because it is a very expensive school which doesn’t just gives aways scholarships based on Facebook statuses announcing winners. I understand if this is too much to ask but of you could just provide me a document as a winner certeficate I would be sooooo GRATEFUL. I look forward for your reply. Sincerely yours, Anxhela Doko.

  10. Cristiano ss said:

    When will the 2017 information for all countries be available for International winners?

  11. mphonyana oaitse said:

    when will the 2017 competition dates and staff be uploaded. i got passion for writting and i want to measure my capability by entering the 2017 competition with the manuscripts i have compiled.

  12. I was hoping to know how am I going to submit what I wrote, and when will the 2017 competition begin.

  13. Write On Albania said:

    Our Albanian students are looking forward to the 2018 competition. When can we expect to hear more details? Thanks!

  14. Liudmyla Koval said:

    Hi! I’m a teacher of English at High School in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. My students would like to enter the competition. They’ve been informed about the date, time and address. However, there is no information whether they need to register before. Does it mean that anyone who comes can participate?

  15. Hello!
    I’m a Student in Tbilisi State University, and I’d like to know the exact date of this years competition.
    Thank You.

  16. I’d like to get more information about this competition ! Thank you

  17. Bayasgalan said:

    Thank you

  18. Halyna Voronka said:

    is it still possible to apply?

  19. NACIHI MOHAMED said:

    Am 50 years old, administrator and researcher PHD in Islamic thought in Sultan my Slimane university Beni Mellal Morocco. My experience with the english language is as follows:
    – in 1984 I learnt my first words ienglish thanks to a PCV (Judy Wurtzel) from Richmond.
    – 1991 proficiency 4 in the American language center Fes ( director William kristensen)
    – 1992 – 1995 I went straight to get my BA degree, but I didn’t accomplish.
    Books read and studied
    – of mice and men- the comedians-killing a micking bird- clash of civilizations-How soccer explains the word and others…
    Am delighted to express my intention to participate in this competirions and my feelings
    you’re outstanding

  20. Hello, how can I join? Thanks!

  21. Nacihi Mohamed said:

    Jacob Sayers
    Please let me protest about the results of Beni Mellal’s write on competition/
    The winners in the professional level are all of them students regularly inrolled in the english department, and preparing their BA and MA certificates.
    Waiting for your reply
    Nacihi Mohamed
    Administrator (not a student)

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