Write a story from the villain’s perspective.

John Renz Aguilar

“P-Peter! Please stay”.

As the rain dripped from the dusky heaven, tears streamed in Mama’s eyes. She squealed like a helpless child lost in nowhere. She gently knelt on our tiled floor. Her long black curly hair brushed the very ground as she pleaded to Papa to stay. But Papa breathlessly ran away. I was standing behind the door when Papa left her, us.

From that cruel night, Mama changed.

She jailed herself in the room. She locked her door and windows as if the air can’t get in. Days passed. But I hadn’t seen her yet. “You promised me we will be together till the end”. I overheard her uttering this with her voice quivering.

Worries began to grow inside me. One night, I heard a loud crash coming from her room. It sounded like a shattered glass. I rushed to her room as fast as I could. With an anticipation that everything is okay. “M-mama?! Mama, are you okay?” I knocked on her door as loud as I could. “Mama open the door!” I continued screaming but I received no response but a piercing silence. My heart beat like a drum roll, tsug-tsug-tsug. I took a deep sigh. I closed my eyes and whispered “all is well”. As I slowly unclogged my eyes, I saw a gleam of light coming from her room. Hope towered into me. I took a step and I gently grabbed the knob. I pushed the door as soft as I could.

“I know you’re coming back, Peter.” Mama’s voice broke the silence as I stepped foot into the room. My eyes grew bigger. Mama’s holding a part of the broken glass with her body soaked with her own blood. Her white dress turned red. Cuts were all over her body. Scars. Bruises. Bumps. Some were fresh and some were starting to dry. Blood dripped onto the floor. She’s not Mama Ana. I know her hair was shortened, countless strands topped the floor.

“I missed you Peter, come here.” She divided her hands to me as if she’s offering something. I noticed tha her nails were gold. My eyes even grow wide with my terror. “No Mama, it’s me, John, your son.” I screamed. “John is sleeping, come here, it’s just the two of us” She whispered. She looked at me silly.

Tears sprang, I began to cry. “Don’t cry honey, come here!” She started to walk towards me. She’s getting closer, so I stepped back. I was only five steps away from her, I took another step back, but out of my consciousness, I fell. I lost my senses, everything turned black.

A gentle touch woke me up. As I slowly unclogged my eyes, Mama was about to thrust the glass she was gripping. “Mama, it’s me, John.” She acted like she didn’t here me at all. So I cast my eyes on her. I waited for the glass to the land on my chest or temple or anywhere it’ll land. I watched the blood rush on the floor. I waited to take my last breath, last beat. I waited.

“Ana! Noooo!” Mama received a painful blow, she fell to the floor. Blood began to flow from her nose. The glass fell beside me. “John are you okay?” A deep voice registered in me. It’s so familiar. It’s Papa. “Let’s go no John, your Mama is insane” he uttered. I directed my eyes to him and words just flowed freely. “Why did you leave her, us?” There was a moment of silence. “John your Ma-…“

I cut his words, without any command, without any control, I grabbed the glass besides me and thrust it into him. Stab! “That’s for the love Mama has for you.” Stab! And another, “That’s for all the pain you’ve caused.” Stab! I thrust it deeper. Stab! And deeper. “That’s for leaving Mama and me!”

I didn’t know what I did. What I know was I let my Papa stay. I love my Papa, he needs to stay. With my back still in torment, I crawled to where my Mama’s bed wad lying. I wrapped my arms to her body, I slowly stroked her hair. I moved my lips upward “I made Papa stay.”

Gleam from the rising heavens eye started to caress Mama’s lifeless body, I took a deep sigh. I directed my eye to the window. “Its morning again.”