Write a story from the villain’s perspective.

Urata Çabra

People think being evil is easy. They just assume that when you’re evil you have no rules to follow, no morals, and no beliefs that you hold dear. Well, let me say that it’s not true. Being evil is difficult. Though I should start my story from the begining in order to understand, how I ended up the big bad wolf or the evil stepmother

I had a pretty decent childhood, my parents were normal and mundane and they even had normal and mundane names, Jack and Emily. My father was the typical “bring home the bacon” kind of guy and my mother the perfect housewife who took care of the house and most importantly me, who also had a normal and typical name; Daniel. Albeit, calling me by this name now will result in me throwing a knife at your face not caring if it hits or misses. I changed my name to Malachai, it just sounds more evil. So, I had a normal childhood, there was no trauma from the past that made me who I am, no childhood abuse or bullying, nothing, and somehow I ended up feeling that as well; nothing. It’s important to mention that right now the world is on the brink of war, supermaturals have made themselves public and there are two main forces going up against each other; magicans versus humans. I am a human no doubt, there is nothing magical about me except the amount of evil in my body. I joined the HAF (human armed forces) when I was 18 and now I stand proud as their leader.

My people think of me as a kind and benevolent leader, whose main wish is to bring back glory to the humans but, my main wish is world domination.

I know, I know, rolling my eyes as I write this in my biography, it’s a cliche no doubt but, I do hope that when I achieve this I might feel something, maybe even a little happiness. How does happiness feel like? I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing that. I suppose it might be somewhat similar of the feeling I had when I managed to destroy a dozen covens of magicians, there was a spark in my chest but before I put my finger on it, it disappeared.

Anyway, I am trying to make the magicians bow to me, pesky creatures honestly, unlike every other creature, who are too scared to rise against me. Humans by nature are easy to manipulate, tell them what they want to hear and they will follow you like a lost puppy. I had plans on how to make the magicians listen to me but I had to organize an operation with HAF which put a stop to my actions. Being evil evil is not easy. I am playing double agent while trying to dominate the world, there are rules that I must follow unlike what other people think.

Every day I put up a front with my people, I have to smile and prettend that I care and by the end of the day my face hurts from all of that smiling. On the other hand, I spend the nights making up schemes how to crush my enemies which leaves me tired. So, in this first chapter on my biography “Be evil like Malachai”, I hope you’ll understand that it’s a most challenging job full of unexcepted turns.

When I reach world domination and finally feel happiness I will publish this so that people, my people, will hail my name in glory and sing songs of praisal on the hard job I did to bring them under my rule.