What else should students learn in school that isn’t taught? Why is it important
that this is taught?

Ashley Kim E. de Vera

Every classroom in this world teaches the basics to every student. Every student has computer subject, science, English, history and many more, but why there is no such thing as peace subject? Can it be taught? Others may say yes, others may say no. For me, it’s a yes, peace subject can be taught. Why? Because every student needs guidance.

Most of the news are all about war, drugs, crimes and many more. We can see people crying, suffering and dying. At school, there are students who suffers from bullying and even hazing which leads to death. Clearly, there is no peace even in schools. This things are unavoidable but it can be lessened. Schools must be a place where students could have the freedom and students must have peace.

Peace Education is what every student needs. Peace Education will teach us how to handle conflicts in the society or even conflicts in ourselves. Peace Education may lessen the conflicts in this world and that is what everybody wants – to live in harmony and peaceful society. Peace Education can’t stop war crimes, bullying but it will help every student to have the knowledge.

Peace is acquirable but it will start in ourselves and with the help of the school.