You discover that you and your life are actually someone else’s dream. Whose
dream is it? What will you do with this knowledge?

Ayoub Maiym

My life in general wasn’t like a normal person life, it was full of adventures and happy moments, may be not all of the moments were funny for other people but for me I wasn’t taking anything seriously. I was laughing all the time even about stupid things, I tried to enjoy with every moments of my life. In my high school I was known of being a crazy person who is happy all the time. I took many adventures nother than my friends did which makes glad. My friend were telling that my life is like a comedy movie, I didn’t think about that until I graduated from high school. Then without no reason I found myself sitting next to an old man in a hospital, he looks like he is about to die. I was so scared until he told me to sit and listen, “you are the boy that I wish I could be in the highschool” he said, I wasn’t like you, I spent most of my adolencent time taking drugs and smoking, I didn’t enjoy the real life, now I’m about to die, smoking caused a lot of problems in my life and my study which I don’t want nobody to experience. Despite the fact that my whole life as a dream, I was happy that I enjoyed with my life without taking drugs or smoking because life is short and beautiful so nobody need to want it and instead we shoul all start enjoy the real life moments.