You witness a boy asking a girl out on a date. It’s awkward. Narrate it as if it is a
nature documentary.

May Ann H. Godon

I witness a boy asking a girl out on a date. It’s like a male bird asking a female bird out on it. I compare them on animals like a bird flying and chirping.

Male Bird: Can we go out for a date, Ms. Birdy?

Female Bird: Oh! Are you sure you want to go out with me? I’m just a poor and ugly bird!

Male Bird: No! Don’t say that! You are pretty and kind, that’s why I want to know you more. I am really sure that I want to go out with you.

Female Bird: Than you Mr. Bird! You appreciate my kindness.

Male Bird: You’re always welcome my dear! (He smiled) So, prepare later Ms. Birdy for our date.

Female Bird: Okay, I agree. (She smiled)

Birds are like humans, they also have feelings. They have rights to love and to be loved. In animals like male birds, sometimes they are singing in front of female birds in order to express their feelings. They swing their head and sometimes they are dancing to attract or catch the attention of female birds. The male bird will sit beside or join with the female bird.

Male Bird: Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! (He sings lovely)

Female Bird: Oh! What a nice voice! I love it!

Male Bird: What did you day? You love me already? I love you too, Ms. Birdy. (Laughing but speaking seriously)

Female Bird: I said that you have a nice voice.

Male Bird: Thank you, it’s for my special one, and that one is you.

Female Bird: Really? Thanks! (Smiling)

Animals are important to us. Like humans, they have the right and needs.