Write about a normal day in the year 4000.

Rachid Mouaal

Yay!! It’s the morning finally. i was waiting for that day to come eagerly. It’s time to see the “Earth” again from a long time ago. Yes, today I am going in trip taking my friends with me to see my old planet. The miserable place ever. While I was getting ready, I heard “the mesterions,” our space ship. Yes, we call it like that “the mesterions” because it runs fast as the light and its super fansy, good for traveling so far. Five minutes after and I am on the mesterions with my friends and our leader, exciting to show them where I used to live 1800 years ago! Our leader sarted to distribute the masks and the bottles of oxygen to show us how to use them when we get our destination. No oxygen on the earth, no life either, it’s totaly the opposit righ now. Life in the space and dark and death on the earth. wearing our couplet special suit, waiting for our special ship to land!

Taking our first steps, we were surprised, I was surprised the most, all I see is a dry place, dirty, and hot weather. Our leader started to tell us how a war changed a heaven to a desert, how humans destroyed the planet with their own hands and leave to share other planets with their owners… I was waiting just for the time we leave again on our mesterions, I don’t want to be here anymore. I want to go back to NIPTON… It’s home now, family… I have aliens at my side, at least they don’t think about wars and having power. Since I have got here, I feel I am home.