Write about your worst hello and your favorite goodbye.

Yassine Essaidi

Life can be considereded as a salade bowl of contradictory things, stuffs and situations. This is why we can have and live many different situations that let us with a psychostruggle inside our minds. Among these situations we can state a worst hello in one hand, and a favorite goodbye in the other hand.

First, the worst hello can be seemed as an ironic phrase but according to our moments we live, it will become an evident fact. I remember one day when I was taking my way to the school every morning, I have met a strange person by accident, to whom I said hello. Then I asked him if he needs a help. He was a nice man, young and with a curly hair. His apparence and the way he looked at people gives a sense that he was in trouble and needs an urgent help. A little smile has been drawn on his face when he hear my hello. “Yes, I’m strange in this city, I lost my wallet and I need some help, maybe a little money or something to eat”. The man said with an emotional voice. I didn’t hesitate in helping him. I have decided to take him to a restaurant. At that time while having a nice seat, the police came and arrested us saying that the man was being looked for. We were taken both of us and they investigated with us for many tired hours. I have been released after passing a bad moments without doing anything at all except saying “Hello”. It was highly priced hello.

Second, to be franc I should say that I hate goodbyes. In this sens the face that you meet nice people and y ou enjoy your time with them make saying goodbye one of the most difficult things because it simply means that everything is finished particularly every perfect moments. In this regard, one day I met a person who came to my town. He wanted to pass some several days and returned to his country. He was French. His personnality has many fantastic things. I was really happy to meet him because we did have some unforgetable moments. When I know that he will travel I decided not say a goodbye to him. I have disappeared without taking any of his informations which can enable me to contact him. Few days after his travel, I felt very guilty. I was not comfortable because I missed some important thing, it can be a psychological one. This thing is “saying goodbye”. Responding to this psychological desire, I decided to look for this person. See some contacts but in vain. I passed many months looking for a “look” than can lead me to contacting him. After a long search, I fortunately found a person that provided me with the manner of contacting my freind.

I contacted him, saying that I was sorry for disappearing then I said to him “goodbye”. It is true that this goodbye has no meaning because we have been met again but for me it is a favorite goodbye because it lets me feel more comfortable and has replace the huge gap that was in mind.