You wake up and discover that you are the ruler of a planet. Describe a day in
your life.

Hanan Boufdil

I woke up at 9A.M. I felt very different, maybe my clothes were heavier than the usual. I didn’t know until I looked at the mirror and found a queen. I didn’t recognize that person in the mirror, I looked older, more good-looking, well-dressed, taller also, even my room was larger. I went down stairs, and I found two servants and a house-keeper waiting for me, to ask me about what I need, but I felt that the world wasn’t fine, everything outside wasn’t fine while I’m compfortable inside. I wanted to look outisde the window, but my house keeper stopped me saying “Be carefull, there is a war outside.” I went upstairs, and took my arm and went out to discover what’s going on in my world.

When I saw the huge quanity of weapons, bombings, a lot of my citizens were murdered.

I realized that I have to be wise and I have to solve this problem without hurting anyone because enough is enough.

I came back home wondering about a solution. At 4 o’clock I went to a famous square in my area, It’s called square of peace. I invited my people, they all come, thew I told them about my secret, a dangerous secret. “If they refuse to abandon their weapons on the floor and go peacefully, I will put on the floor “magical recipe, and everyone will die directly.” By the end of the day my planet become safe, and everyone was hapy and satisfied.